‘Little People, Big World’ Star Zach Roloff Talks Wedding To Tori Patton

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff married Tori Patton last weekend, and fans are anxious to see the big event play out on the show. New episodes featuring the Roloff family are now airing every Tuesday night on TLC, and the special featuring the wedding is right around the corner. Just days after the wedding, Zach is opening up about the big day.

Zach Roloff tells People that he was “in chill mode” the week leading up to the wedding, but he did have some nerves as the big day played out. Nearly 200 guests watched Roloff marry Tori Patton at the family’s Hillsboro, Oregon, farm in a wedding with a country-chic style.

The Little People, Big World star admits that he was a bit nervous about the first dance with his bride, as he is shy and doesn’t consider himself to be much of a dancer. However, Zach shares that everything else faded away as he danced with Tori and looked into her eyes. Tori concurs that the dance was a special moment, noting that it felt as if they were the only people there.

TLC has shared some pictures from Zach and Tori’s wedding on their site, and it was clearly a beautiful and emotional day. As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, served as best man, while Tori’s friend, Cindi Eggert, stood up as the maid of honor.

According to TV Guide, viewers will seemingly see Zach ask Jeremy to be his best man in the new episode of Little People, Big World airing on Tuesday, July 28. Also ahead in this episode, Amy will work on getting used to having all of the kids out of the house now that Jacob has moved out.

In addition, Matt and Amy will face a difficult conversation about the state of their marriage in this episode. As fans know, the two had been separated for quite some time at this point in the show. The Roloffs recently revealed that they have filed for divorce, and viewers are now watching the lead-up to that decision via the current episodes.

Fans have been with the Roloff family for all of the ups and downs over the past few years, and they’ve loved the opportunity to see it all. Jeremy Roloff married Audrey Botti last season on the show, and now the next family wedding is almost ready to air.

Tori Patton and Zach Roloff’s wedding will be featured in a two-hour episode of Little People, Big World airing on TLC on Tuesday, August 25. Viewers can watch all of the plans come together via new episodes currently airing on Tuesday nights.

[Image via Tori Patton Roloff / Instagram]