PlayStation 4 With 2TB Hard Drive Now Available, Albeit Pre-Owned

As if PlayStation 4 is still not completely dominating the gaming scene, GameStop released a new "Supercharged" PlayStation 4 unit that comes with a 2TB hard drive for the more intense PlayStation gamers.

Storage has always been a problem for players who continue to amass video games via Steam and online downloads, and it's good news that leading online game retailer GameStop is releasing a 2TB PlayStation 4, fondly called the PlayStation 4 Supercharged. Techno Buffalo reports that this new PlayStation 4 unit offer by GameStop could be a great buy for those starting PlayStation 4 players who wish to start building their PlayStation 4 empire, since it's the most hassle-free way of getting a PlayStation 4 already equipped with the largest hard drive available to date.

Now available at GameStop for $479.99, this Supercharged PlayStation 4 unit comes with a built-in 2TB hard drive and could ship in just 24 hours. However, as of date, Game Stop only ships to U.S. addresses, so those outside the U.S. could opt for the old-fashioned way of upgrading their PlayStation 4 consoles by buying external hard drives through other tech retailers.

However, even though the new PlayStation 4 Supercharged with 2TB hard drive by GameStop is a first in the market, UberGizmo reports that there's another option for those starting PlayStation 4 users who want a bigger storage space. Standard PlayStation 4 units usually come with lesser hard drives, at 500GB to 1TB, and standard 2TB 2.5 inch hard disk drives could be bought at Amazon for around $100. Since PlayStation 4 units with 500GB HDD can only be bought at GameStop for only $399.99, the total cost of upgrading a normal 500GB PlayStation 4 to a 2TB storage would cost around $500. This is a tad bit more than the Supercharged PlayStation 4 deal from GameStop—but bear in mind that GameStop's Supercharged PlayStation 4 unit with 2TB HDD is a pre-owned console.

Supercharged PS4 via Gamestop
Supercharged PS4 via Gamestop

On top of the Supercharged PlayStation 4 unit with 2TB hard drive deal, GameStop has included a free pre-owned PlayStation 4 game under $30. This is a pretty good deal, especially for those who are looking at savings.

GameStop's full deal is called "PlayStation 4 Supercharged 2 TB System - Black (GameStop Premium Refurbished)." And while a lot of players might be put off by the term "refurbished," when you're a PlayStation user that's more into getting sweet deals and savings, a sale is still a sale, and this Supercharged PlayStation 4 unit might be for you.

[Image via GameStop]