'Purple Rain' House For Sale: A Lucky Prince Fan Can Own Iconic Home For A Steal

Regina Avalos

The Purple Rain house is for sale, according to People Magazine. The Minneapolis home was featured in the 1984 film starring Prince. The film marked his feature film debut, and it displayed his musical talents. The film included several performances on stage by Prince & The Revolution, The Time, and other musical acts.

Prince never actually lived in the home, but the front of the home was featured in the film. It was the home of "The Kid" in the film. There are several scenes in Purple Rain where Prince's character returned home to find his parents fighting. In the film, "The Kid" lived in the basement of the home. Purple Rain was based loosely on Prince's own life.

For a fan looking to buy the home, one may be surprised at the cost of the home located at 3420 Snelling Avenue S. The Coldwell Banker listing of the property lists the home for just $110,000.

"Revitalize this historic home which Prince featured in his Purple Rain Movie. This home needs to be rehabbed. Newer boiler in 2010. Close to Light Rail on a quiet street in the Longfellow neighborhood."

— spark alot (@sparklot) July 27, 2015

Purple Rain became a cult classic after its release in 1984. It made $80 million at the box office, and it won two Razzie awards. However, the film also took home an Oscar for Best Original Song Score.

This house's listing comes at the same time as another big Prince announcement: a new album is in the works. Prince has a new band called 3rdEyeGirl, and the band revealed in an interview shared by BBC that Prince has finished recording a new album. Prince released the first single from the album, "Hardrocklover," on July 1. HITNRUN will be Prince's 38th studio album. An official release date for the album was not revealed, but the band said the album would be released "soon."

The members of 3rdEyeGirl are Donna Grantis, Ida Nielsen, and Hannah Ford Welton. Hannah's husband, Joshua Welton, wrote the album, and he previewed songs from the album at the after party for Prince's White House concert in June.

Donna Grantis talked about that surprise in the interview.

"We had a big party, it was awesome, Stevie Wonder was there. We were all just dancing and Joshua was DJing and he just started playing all these super funky songs and one of those was Hardrocklover. He's throwing out joint after joint and they're all funky, like each new one is funkier than the last. It was all new music and everybody was having a good time, digging it. Little did we know that we were just jamming to a completely new album that was just finished that Joshua and Prince had done."
"It's phenomenal, there are so many hits on this album. It's super experimental. Super hardcore Prince fans that know every song he's ever recorded - we refer to them as 'The Purple Collective' or 'The Purple Army' - this album is absolutely for them, because it's super funky. It's weird, there's a lot of experimental sound. It's just hit after hit and definitely caters to those fans who just love to hear what Prince has to say, rather than wanting to always hear that classic Purple Rain Prince sound."

As for the sale of the Purple Rain house, this is not the only iconic piece of movie real estate listed on the market in 2015. A May Inquisitr report revealed that the home used in the Mean Girls film was up for sale. However, it has a much larger price tag. That property, located in Toronto, was listed for $14.8 million.

What do you think of the listing of the Purple Rain house? Would you want to own the iconic property?

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