Vince Young To Work Out With Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills didn’t pick up a quarterback during the 2012 NFL draft but they might be signing a free agent to the team soon. Vince Young is traveling to Buffalo for a scheduled workout on Wednesday.

General manager Buddy Nix said during the draft that he wasn’t worried about a quarterback.

Nix said:

“We’re going to get one in free agency. We’re going to bring in a quarterback, and we think a good one.”

Young, who was the third overall draft pick in 2006, was not re-signed by the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of last season and is currently looking for a new team. If Young does end up signing with the Bills he’ll be working in a backup position behind starter Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Young’s career started on a high note as he was named the offensive rookie of the year during the 2006 season with the Tennessee Titans. Young’s production fell off and he was eventually traded to the Philadelphia Eagles where he played as Michael Vick’s backup.

Young was hoping to land in another starting position this year but said that it was out of his control.

Young said:

“Sure, I’d like to (start). Everybody feels that way… But all I can do is come in and compete. It is like I am getting drafted all over again. You go in and compete and let the coaches and front office people make that decision.”

Vince Young has thrown for just under 9,000 yards during his career for 46 touchdowns. He also has a dozen rushing touchdowns and a QB rating of 74.4.