'Vikings' Season 4: Double The Episodes And New Cast Members Announced

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Fans of History Channel's Vikings can now rejoice in the fact that Season 4 will have more episodes than previous seasons. Katheryn Winnick (who plays Vikings fan favorite, Lagertha) confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that there would be "double the amount" of Vikings episodes next year. Of course, with more episodes, that also gives the opportunity for new cast members.

Katheryn Winnick spilled the beans on the extended Season 4 of Vikings to IGN during San Diego Comic Con this year. At first she announced "double the amount," but when Jim Vejvoda asked if there would be 20 episodes for Season 4 of Vikings, Winnick backtracked a little, leaning towards Clive Standen (who plays Rollo in Vikings) and and replied, "Yeah, I think so." So, while it seems there will be plenty more episodes of Vikings for fans to sink their teeth into in 2016, the figure has not officially been confirmed at 20 episodes, just somewhere within the vicinity.

Joining the cast in Season 4 of Vikings are three new characters. Finnish actor, Peter Franzen, will play King Harald Finehair. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this character is "a Scandinavian warrior and potential threat to Ragnar (Travis Fimmel)." Joining him is fellow Finnish actor, Jasper Paakkonen, who will play his younger brother, Halfdan the Black. Dianne Doan will also be joining the cast of Vikings in a major role. Her character's name is Yidu, a "new and unique Chinese character who will have a big role in Season 4." Also returning to Season 4 of Vikings is Kevin Durand in his role of Harbard, the Wanderer. According to Durand, Harbard will cause more chaos in Season 4.

Also confirmed for Season 4 of Vikings is the fact there will be a time jump between season 3 and 4. According to Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, the time jump will be a "couple of years." While the Comic Con trailer for Season 4 of Vikings showed Ragnar (who was still quite ill at the end of Season 3) apparently fit, healthy and ready to avenge the death of his friend Athelstan (George Blagden), Travis Fimmel has confirmed that Ragnar's health will still be precarious even after that length of time. Alexander Ludwig, who plays Ragnar's son, Bjorn, also told IGN that Season 4 of Vikings will be when Bjorn comes into his own, which leaves many fans wondering just how much longer Ragnar will survive, especially considering, historically, Bjorn goes on to bigger and better things after his father's demise.

Vikings will return to History Channel for a fourth season in 2016.

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