‘The Walking Dead’ Star Alanna Masterson Is Pregnant: Is Her Character Tara Still Alive On The Show? [Possible Spoilers]

Alanna Masterson is pregnant with her first child, and fans of The Walking Dead have only one question: What does this mean for the future of Tara Chambler, Alanna’s spunky survivor character on AMC’s zombie series?

According to Us Weekly, Alanna Masterson made her pregnancy announcement on her Instagram page, and it looks like the 27-year-old star is already pretty far along. The proud papa-to-be of Alanna’s first child is her boyfriend, Brick Stowell. Alanna showed off her growing baby bump by sharing a photo of her belly all wrapped up in a white swimsuit cover-up, but her boyfriend couldn’t resist sharing a more revealing picture of her amazing pregnancy bod.


Hardcore fans of The Walking Dead are already discussing whether Alanna’s pregnancy will have an effect on what happens to Tara Chambler during Season 6 of the series, and some fans might be wondering whether her character has already been killed off — it’s not unheard of for actresses to plan their pregnancies around their work schedules. If you’re dying to know if Alanna is currently filming The Walking Dead (a sure sign that her character lives longer than the first few episodes), then read on. If you don’t want to spoil Tara’s fate, then stop now.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, one Walking Dead character’s death was already filmed for Season 6. However, Tara Chambler wasn’t the unlucky Alexandria resident who got consumed by a herd of walkers. According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, Alanna Masterson has been spotted filming recently, and she’s covering up her baby bump by wearing a baggy black hoodie. It seems unlikely that Alanna’s pregnancy will be written into the show — especially since her character is lesbian — but some fans want showrunner Scott Gimple and The Walking Dead writers to give Judith a playmate with a familiar hairstyle.

“Her baby will be born with a mullet. Just saying,” Dan Walker commented on the Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page.

Other fans tried to allay the fears of those who believe that Alanna’s pregnancy has put a target on her back. They pointed out that Sonequa Martin-Green was also pregnant during filming, and the writers didn’t kill off her character because she got knocked up. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sonequa explained how she hid her pregnancy.

“For the longest time, just the layers that I’m wearing would hide the whole thing. And my gun is really big, so that helps too. So it’s been okay, and now at this point it’s about just doing good right angles and not turning to a full profile. As long as I’m face-on, there’s a trick of the camera—you can’t quite see it.”

It sounds like Alanna Masterson should demand a bigger gun for Tara. It would cover up her belly, and all that extra ammo would also help her survive longer. Or Tara could just crack a joke about how indulging in the Alexandrian’s pasta and chocolate chip cookies has fattened her up a bit.

While some fans fear for Tara’s life, others think that getting pregnant was a smart move on Alanna’s part. Spoiling Dead fan Roberto Bernardo thinks that there’s no way the writers are so cruel that they would “kill off a pregnant mother.” However, this is The Walking Dead we’re talking about here, and Alanna Masterson knows that her character could go at anytime. Alanna told Entertainment Weekly that she’s so terrified of being killed off that she won’t let showrunner Scott Gimple call her anymore.

“I have him text me before he calls just because if the phone rings and it says his name I’m like, ‘Uh-oh.’ So he texts me. But that’s the nature of the show… I eventually know I’m going to go on the show. I think eventually everyone is going to go on the show. So I just try to enjoy every episode. But, yeah, it’s kind of nerve-wracking.”

Do you think Alanna Masterson’s pregnancy will play a role in Tara Chambler’s future on The Walking Dead?

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