Trump Hot Air On Immigration? ‘We Have To Do Something For Mexicans’

In Donald Trump’s now hotly debated words regarding Mexican immigration, in which he called for a possible wall to built at the Mexican/United States border, had harsh words to say about Mexican immigration a couple weeks ago. According to Time Magazine, the billionaire real estate mogul kicked of his Republican presidential campaign bid with some highly aggressive words regarding illegal Mexican immigration.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

He then argued that as President, he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, similar to the great wall of China, which is communicated to CNN.

“You force them because we give them a fortune. Mexico makes a fortune because of us. A wall is a tiny little peanut compared to that. I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall.”

Of course, these words received harsh criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike. Some called the comments racist, some called them unrealistic. Regardless of what the complaints were, Trump seemed to re-think his stance on immigration from Mexico. However, certain sectors of the Republican party agreed with his sentiments on Mexican immigration, and a Fox News poll at the end of June showed Trump in second place behind Jeb Bush, with his support more than doubling since those controversial statements.

However, since that time, Trump also made controversial statements about the war hero status of Senator John McCain of Arizona, which may have harmed him, but unofficial polls show not by much.

However, since that time, Trump has had a bit of softening of heart – or at least of words – regarding immigration. On July 23, he explained to CNN that he would not actually build a wall the entire length of the border with Mexico. Inexplicably, the next day he made a total change on his viewpoints on Mexicans, which he shared with MSNBC.

“I have to tell you, some of these people have been here; they’ve done a good job; in some cases sadly they’ve been living under the shadows. We have to do something. … Somebody’s been outstanding, we (ought to) try to work something out.”

Maybe all the immigration was a sound-byte to grab the extreme right wing. In the past, Trump had criticized others for their harsh stance on criticism of immigration. In the past, Trump blasted Mitt Romney for what he called a “mean-spirited” policy suggestion during the GOP primarythat Romney had stated that the U.S. should make daily life uncomfortable enough for undocumented immigrants that they would eventually leave the country.

“He had a crazy policy of self-deportation which was maniacal. It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote.”

If your head is hurting from whiplash, you likely aren’t alone. Where does Donald Trump stand on the Mexican immigration issue? Do you trust him to stand by his values? Sound off in the comments section.

[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images News]