'Purple Rain' House For Sale: Minneapolis Home Featured In Iconic Prince Movie Hits The Market

Nathan Francis

The Purple Rain house made famous by Prince is for sale, and anyone with a love of the singer and $110,000 can make it their own.

The house was featured in Prince's Purple Rain movie, though the singer himself never actually lived there. The home for sale is located on 3420 Snelling Avenue in Minneapolis, and the listing from Coldwell Banker noted that it's in need of a bit of work.

"Revitalize this historic home which Prince featured in his Purple Rain Movie. This home needs to be rehabbed. Newer boiler in 2010. Close to Light Rail on a quiet street in the Longfellow neighborhood. Buyer to assume any R & R's on the TISH."

The Purple Rain house for sale is not to be confused with the other Purple Rain house, the one Prince built on Lake Riley in Minnesota with money from his wildly successful 1984 album. That building was bulldozed in 2003.

As the Star-Tribune noted, the house's demolition may have been related to a battle over the death of Prince's father.

"The demolition of this piece of Prince's legacy leaves some wondering whether this has anything to do with a court battle initiated by a sibling seeking to share in John Nelson's estate. Prince seemed to think he alone had claim on his father's estates, which included musical instruments, etc., until his sister Lorna Nelson went to court with her claim that John Nelson had promised her financial help."

The demolition also signaled a move for Prince away from his home state, as he began cutting ties in Minnesota and relocating to Toronto. Prince had lost both his mother and father in the two years before he tore down the Purple Rain house.

For those who might need a refresher, the Purple Rain house for sale was the one where "The Kid" lived with his parents in the 1984 movie. The house is located near the city's downtown that played such a big role in the movie. Though the exterior of the house was only shown briefly in the movie, it was an important setting along with the club First Avenue.

But those interested in the sale of the Purple Rain house will be missing one bit of movie history. The bathtub featured in the movie is gone, with the owners selling it on eBay a few years ago.

A full listing of the Purple Rain house up for sale this week can be seen here.

[Image via Coldwell Banker]