June 29, 2017
Louis Tomlinson Strips Liam Payne, Gets Threatened By His Father

Louis Tomlinson tried to turn a One Direction concert into Magic Mike, Jr. by helping Liam Payne strip on stage. Luckily for fans of Liam's pecs, the singer didn't fight Louis' attempt to tear off his shirt. Instead, he proved that he's so sexy it hurts.

Louis Tomlinson gave the fans at One Direction's Minneapolis On the Road Again concert a thrill by ripping off Liam Payne's dark blue shirt and pinching Liam's nipple. But don't worry -- he didn't grab it hard enough to give his pal a purple nurple. Directioners went wild, and Liam didn't shy away from the attention.

Liam is obviously pretty proud of his fit physique, because he did his best Right Said Fred impression by turning the stage into a catwalk. According to Billboard, a few of the 1D fans who attended the Minneapolis concert were nice enough to share GIFs and Vine videos of Louis and Liam's striptease with their fellow Directioners.

Directioners will likely be relieved to see that Louis is still his same old mischievous self even though he's now a daddy-to-be. As the Inquisitr previously reported, many of the singer's fans weren't exactly thrilled when they found out that Louis Tomlinson impregnated one of his pals, a former fling named Briana Jungwirth. In fact, some Directioners seem to believe that Briana Jungwirth isn't pregnant at all.

Louis hasn't addressed the baby rumors personally, so these fans can keep hoping and wishing and praying and dreaming that he really hasn't passed on his DNA to one lucky little human being. Speaking of Louis' DNA, someone the singer already shares it with is ready to torment Tommo if the baby rumors do prove to be true. According to the Mirror, Tomlinson's biological father is desperate to meet his grandchild, and he'll reveal a bombshell family secret if he doesn't get his way.

Louis Tomlinson completely cut off communication with his DNA donor, Troy Austin, three years ago. Louis was 5 when his mom and Troy decided to get a divorce, and Louis' relationship with his bio dad has been strained ever since. Now Troy Austin wants to reconnect with his bloodline, but it looks like he's going about it all wrong by threatening Tommo. However, a source told the Sunday People that Austin is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that he has contact with his grandchild, and he doesn't care about the potential consequences of his actions.

"Troy has always wanted to repair that relationship – but if Louis isn't prepared to do so, he's told a few friends he has something which would really throw a grenade into things."

Troy Austin allegedly views this mysterious secret as "his final shot at getting Louis's attention," and he's willing to risk causing an even bigger rift within the family if his threat backfires. Unfortunately for Austin, Tomlinson might be a bit too busy preparing for the arrival of his first child to bother with responding to his threat.

Are you relieved to see that Louis Tomlinson is still having a good time with his bandmates, and what do you think about Tommo's own father threatening him with the release of a big family secret?

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]