Crime Writer Ann Rule Passes Away At Age 84

Famed true crime writer Ann Rule has passed away at 84-years-old, and she left behind a legacy of work that educated, intrigued and disturbed fans of the true crime genre. King 5News, a Seattle NBC affiliate, reported on the tragic passing of the beloved author this morning.

Rule was the author of more than 43 true crime books. Rule started her career under the name Andy Stack for True Detective magazine, but was also an officer with the Seattle Police Department in her past. Her experience with law enforcement nurtured her writing abilities, which have captivated readers since the 1960s. Among her published works, The Stranger Beside Me cemented her in the genre of true crime, as it focused on serial killer Ted Bundy — whom she knew personally before and after his crimes.

Ann Rule has lived a quiet couple of years leading up to her death. However, just this year she was revealed to be a victim of theft. People reported that her sons were the perpetrators of the theft, having robbed her of at least $100k in a forgery scheme. The writer’s sons reportedly took advantage of her diminishing mental facilities and her poor health in order to forge checks in her name. Ann Rule was reportedly “confined to a wheelchair” in her final days of life, and had also suffered from bouts of mental confusion in her old age. This left her vulnerable to the accused thefts. At the time she was paying them each a monthly salary of $25k, but they grew greedy once her health began to decline. Her son Michael is accused of stealing over $85k, by writing checks to both himself and his wife. It’s unknown at this time how the death of the famed writer may effect this case.

The reports of Ann Rule’s death are on the heels of reports that Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away. Also this month, famed dancer and choreographer Sally Gross passed away at 81-years-old. This July also marked the one year anniversary of the tragic suicide of comedian Robin Williams. His daughter announced a “social media blackout” in memorial for her dead father.

Reports say that Ann Rule passed on in a hospital bed a few days after suffering from a heart attack. Her loved ones were reportedly able to visit with her and say their goodbyes before she passed peacefully from this world. Are you a fan of Rule’s work in the true crime genre?

[Photo: Ann Rule via Buzzquotes]