Mouse And Keyboard For PlayStation 4 Surfaces: Play Your Console Like A PC Gamer

It seems the PlayStation 4 is getting into the mouse and keyboard action, thanks to a new controller for Sony’s flagship console being spotted on Amazon. The Tactical Assault Commander 4 for PS4 should give PlayStation 4 users the experience of playing their games like they can already be played: on PC.

The PlayStation 4 mouse and keyboard isn’t actually a full keyboard, however. Much like PC players can buy keypads with programmable controls, the Tactical Assault Commander 4 will feature programmable keys as well, though the extent to which you can program them, and whether games will have support to do so, remains to be seen. However, this “keyboard” and mouse combo is officially licensed by Sony, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see games start to develop their control scheme with this in mind, especially since a lot of them are already building a PC version, which has inherent built-in mouse and keyboard support.

Playstation 4 Mouse
The mouse for the Playstation 4 Tactical Assault Commader 4.

Microsoft sort of announced that they are bringing native mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One last week, via a Phil Spencer tweet. While no peripheral has surfaced, it could be that Microsoft will just add the support and let gamers use their favorite mice and keyboard to play with. Sony seems to be adding the support through a licensed product, though this doesn’t rule out the possibility of native mouse and keyboard support in the future.

It seems odd, however, that both companies would be trying to replicate PC gaming in this sense, especially when most console fans prefer the gamepad over traditional mouse and keyboard. While it’s possible to use both (simultaneously as well) on PC, console gaming has been defined by its adherence to its use of a gamepad. However, it seems times are changing, as more and more PC gamers are also moving their rigs into the living room, thus negating any need to own a console if you already have a monstrous PC. For PlayStation 4 to bill the Tactical Assault Commander 4 as trying to “replicate PC gaming,” it raises the question: why don’t Sony console owners just look at a comparable (or better) PC to get the true experience?

PlayStation 4 owners picking up the Tactical Assault Commander 4 looking for a competitive edge over those still sticking to gamepad remains to be tested. It could very well be that mouse and keyboard could find a home on Sony’s console. It could also turn out to be a disastrous move that hinders players if the game being played wasn’t built on PS4 with mouse or keyboard in mind. Time will tell, but it’s a nice thing to see gamers being given a choice, regardless of what platform they game on.

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