FriendFeed is Google Bait + 23 Great Ways to use it

Duncan Riley

Social aggregator and sharing platform FriendFeed is rocking the first adopter community and is continuing to grow. The debate is still on as to whether it will translate to the mainstream, but all indicators have it heading in that direction.

FriendFeed compiles information from different sites into the one stream, and allows you to share what your doing online with others, and follow what others are doing. It's not the first in the space, but it takes aggregation to a new level, enabling conversations where they may not have taken place before, and encouraging content discovery. It's close to being egalitarian, with great content rising to the top not through a process of who submitted it, but based upon a level playing field of submissions.

Google Bait: ultimately the mainstream argument may not matter, because with its rising popularity FriendFeed looks more and more like Google Bait every day. As growing numbers of people spend more time on different services, social aggregation as a first stop for users makes sense. Facebook is moving in this direction, enabling comments on mini-feeds, but FriendFeed remains the powerhouse in offering a dedicated service. FriendFeed WILL be acquired, it's just a question of when, and by who. Google is the obvious candidate.

Ways to use FriendFeed