Helen Mirren Is 70! Five Reasons She's Only Getting Better With Age

Dame Helen Mirren turned 70 on Sunday and the seasoned actress is just getting better with every passing year.

In an interview with New Zealand Women's Weekly while promoting The Hundred Foot Journey, Mirren had this to say about aging gracefully.

"You have to grow up, grow old, unlearn and throw certain things away. The weird thing is, you get more comfortable in yourself, even as time is giving you less reason for it. When you're young and beautiful, you're paranoid and miserable. And then you're older and it's ironic really."
Here's five ways Helen's still beautiful, young at heart and truly awesome.

1. Helen Mirren Has Fun And Is Always Ready To Try Something New

Mirren has been in a movie, tv show, play (or sometimes all three) almost every year since 1966, with 1983 being the only blank year. That's meant a lot of time on the talk show promotion circuit. And Helen's been game for lots of different kinds of fun over the course of her career.

Helen eagerly plays the helium game with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.When faced with the challenge to twerk, Mirren got down and dirty... twice.Helen even volunteered to play Paul Rudd in Rudd's story of his first meeting with Jack Nicholson... that involved a kiss.

2. Helen Mirren's A Wonderful Actress And Makes An Excellent Action Star

Helen shone in her starring role as a Queen Elizabeth who was forced to face a public grieving for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.And then, four years later, Mirren dove right into the opportunity to play a retired spy in Red.

3. Helen Mirren Can Fangirl With The Best Of Them

Mirren can pull off the poshness of the Queen, be polite and classy, but she can also have fangirl love for a fellow actor should that be called for. And when it is, it's rather adorable.

4. Helen Mirren Gives Elegant Awards Acceptance Speeches

Mirren has won so many different awards over the course of her career, it must be hard, even for her, to keep track of them but this has made her acceptance speeches ones audiences don't actually mind having to sit through.

Helen takes home the Best Actress Oscar for The Queen at the Academy Awards.Mirren wins the Fellowship award at the BAFTA Awards.Helen wins Actor in "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries" category for her role in Phil Spector at the SAG Awards.

5. Helen Mirren Has No Problem Speaking Her Mind

Mirren spoke out on aging and the place of women in Hollywood in 2010 at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment event.

Now that Mirren has reached her 70's, she seems eager to step into this next decade of her life, saying, "[accepting your age is part of] the adventure of life. Now I find out what this is all about. And you have to look at it as a new experience, a new adventure."

May we all be lucky enough to be able to share in her adventure for many years to come. Happy Birthday Dame Helen Mirren!