Jennifer Garner Moving On From Ben Affleck With A 'Grey's Anatomy' Star?

Only a month after announcing her divorce from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner may already be seeing someone else. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Garner has been getting close with Grey's Anatomy's Martin Henderson.

Henderson and Garner are working together on a new film, Miracles From Heaven, and it appears as though her co-star has been an outlet for her following her divorce from Affleck. In fact, an inside source revealed that the two bonded while filming for the upcoming movie.

"Jen and Martin met in Georgia on the set of their new film and quickly bonded," the source revealed. "He is always checking up on her and making sure she is happy," the insider added.

The source went on to reveal that Garner is emailing some of her friends about how great Henderson has been to her. However, since it is still so close to the divorce, Garner is not wanting to move forward with anything until some time has passed.

Meanwhile, according to People, both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are still wearing their wedding rings a month after their divorce.

Garner was spotted over the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, for the production of her newest movie. Garner was talking with a friend outside of a store, carrying brown grocery bags, and her ring was visible on one hand. Garner was wearing a pair of white shoes and dress, with sunglasses and hair pulled back.

At the same time, Affleck has been traveling to Atlanta in his spare time in order to visit his three children. The actor, who has been busy with filming his upcoming movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was seen with his ring after a gym session over the weekend.

Why are the couple still wearing the wedding rings a month after announcing their divorce? An inside source explained to People that the two have decided to continued wearing their bands in order to help their children, Violet (9), Seraphina (6), and Samuel (3), cope with their separation.

"They just want them to be okay."
In addition to wearing their wedding bands, the divorced couple are still planning to live in the same home in Los Angeles. Although their property is currently undergoing major renovations, which has forced them to rent out Brooke Shields' house, they do plan on moving back once their home is ready.

While Jennifer Garner continues to work in Atlanta for her new movie, Affleck is preparing to move into Shield's house with his children.