'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: The Flower Might Be One Of The Greatest Singers Of All-Time

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.

The Masked Singer might not be on tonight, but that hasn't stopped viewers from theorizing who is who on the hit FOX show. All of the performers have done at least one performance with half of the cast appearing twice now. One mystery singer that has only performed one time is the Flower. The costume is hands down one of the best from the season, being one of the most intricate and elusive. The Flower performed "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton on Episode 3 and some of the earliest guesses from judges Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong suggested she might be Tina Turner.

According to Entertainment Tonight, fans on the internet have theorized that it might be "I Try" singer Macy Gray. Other viewers believe the Flower is none other than the world-famous Patti LaBelle. While all of these are decent guesses, the clue packages seem to almost certainly confirm that it is Ms. LaBelle. ET is also backing the Patti theory 100 percent and has some of the information to prove why the Flower is the "On My Own" singer.

In the Flower's clue package, she said she has "dipped her petals" into everything including singing, cooking, and crafting. We all know Patti for her singing, but many also know her for her expertise in baking. The woman can make a mean pie which can be purchased at Wal-Mart stores everywhere, and she also hosted a cooking show. There was also a Philly cheesesteak on the table in the background of the video, and the singer hails from Philadelphia.

A framed doctorate from Temple University hung in the background during the clue package, and LaBelle has an honorary doctorate from the Philadelphia college. Closing out her video, the Flower said, "After sowing the seeds of this empire with my bare hands, I'm just ready to have a little fun and be free." This could suggest that Patti dominated the music industry and is now lying back enjoying the simpler things in life, like family and baking!

Fans are also confident in the identity of some of The Masked Singer's other contestants, but not all of them. Many suspect that the Leopard is singer Seal, while others believe the Black Widow is former The View co-host Raven-Symone. Some of the singers who are stumping viewers are Thingamajig, the Ladybug, and the Rottweiler.

The Flower will perform on the upcoming episode which will give viewers a better idea of if it is truly Patti LaBelle or not!

The Masked Singer airs every Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.