Beauty Trend Called #Multimasking Makes Instagram Debut [Photos]

Think of #multimasking as the contouring makeup trend that swept the web, but instead of using foundations to highlight various parts of your face, #multimasking uses skin care products to take care of combination skin with different needs. As reported by the Inquisitr, contouring makeup videos became popular when celebrities like Kim Kardashian shared tips and photos of the process. Now hundreds of Instagram posts can be found under the #multimasking label, some uploaded by users showing other folks how to adopt the beauty trend.

As reported by Cambio, the #multimasking trend is one that might stick around, especially as it helps those who have oily versus dry regions of their facial skin adapt to those specific needs. The trend includes using masks that may control acne around the T-zone — which represents the nose, chin, and forehead areas. Those areas could benefit from masks that are specially designed to heal acne.

As for the cheeks and other areas that may experience harmful effects from the sun, masks with vitamin C or peptide can be used. The extremely sensitive parts of the face — such as the skin nearby the eyes — can benefit from light retinol products and those that address issues like crow’s feet.

Overall, it’s quite an interesting and informative journey down the Instagram feed of those who’ve used the #multimasking hashtag to upload photos of themselves performing the beauty ritual. Especially interesting are those folks who use humor to explain just how goofy and artistic the beauty trend can be.

For those willing to take the time to adopt the beauty ritual, it makes sense that various parts of the face would require differing treatments.

The different shades and colors of the acne masks used in the process can make the users’ photos appear downright artistic.

Those experiencing levels of acne or skincare problems that can’t be solved at home by the multi-masking ritual are urged to visit a dermatologist for extra help — and potentially, prescription level topical gels or oral medications that may help.

In the meantime, the photos on the social media platform are serving as tutorials and endless sources of entertainment for those learning more about the new beauty trend.

Plenty of before-and-after photos are also being posted on Instagram, proving that there really could be benefits to indulging in the trend.

Certain Instagram posters have taken the whole #multimasking beauty trend to a truly intricate level of detail.

[Image via Instagram]