Oklahoma Day Care Allegedly Leaves Boys Outside All Day In Blistering Heat With No Sunscreen, They Suffer Horrific Burns

Nathan Francis

An Oklahoma day care is accused of leaving a boy outside in the hot sun all day without shade or sunscreen, causing the boy to suffer horrific burns.

The incident hit the internet this week after the boy's aunt posted a picture of his badly burned and blistered back on Facebook. The post, made by Amanda Harvey, was sent to the local Fox affiliate in hopes of bringing attention to it.

While Harvey did not post proof that the boy's burns were caused at day care, she did post that both the boy and his brother were left out and are now badly hurt.

"This is my nephew. He and his brother was left outside FRIDAY," she wrote, naming the day care center. "No sunscreen. They are in so much pain. The eldest is a red head. Please follow up with this! Thank you.please share let this get out so the news takes this story and helps them babies. One is 7 the other is 5."

The station reported that it was following up on the incident, but it has already gone viral on the internet. Pictures of the boy's badly burned back were shared on Reddit, where the link garnered thousands of user votes and hundreds of angry comments.

Harvey later shared that the boys were taken to a doctor to lance the blisters, but she offered no further update.

This is not the only case of a child care center leaving a child out in the hot sun. A San Antonio day care center is also accused of leaving a young disabled boy outside in blistering heat all day.

The incident happened last week, with Fox 29 San Antonio reporting that the boy was spotted sitting on the pavement trying to keep his feet from touching the hot ground. The mid-day Texas heat was causing the ground to reach dangerous temperatures, the report noted.

"I was very upset, the first thing I thought to do was to call the police. I wanted to go in there and ask them what they were doing," said Robert Luna, the man who took the pictures of the boy and turned them over to the news station.

Luna said was shocked to see the boy left out in the heat, and that the disabled child was still sitting there when he drove by again 40 minutes later.

"No socks, no shoes, in shorts, and really thin like basketball shorts. He had to be burning through the concrete even sitting on those," Luna said.

Luna added that he called police to visit the center, but Fox 29 noted that he was back outside the next day.

There is no update on the boys allegedly left outside of the Oklahoma day care or whether police may be investigating.

[Image via Facebook]