Fan Tries To Punk CM Punk Implying ‘Best In The World’ Is Not A True MMA Fighter – He Gets Put In His Place

Ever since news broke that CM Punk would attempt an MMA career in UFC, it was met with both intrigue and criticism. Some people, especially some legends in UFC, think Punk doesn’t have a chance. Others think otherwise. Despite the debated bickering, both sides at least agree that Punk was probably signed on as a draw for the promotion. Even CM Punk knows this to an extent saying his debut fight will “sell itself.”

Speaking of CM Punk’s debut, it is reported that it may happen by the end of the year. Ergo as it gets closer to that broad time range, naysayers are getting bolder in expressing their disdain. As a matter of fact, one fan tried to punk CM Punk implying the “Best in the World” isn’t a true MMA fighter. Unfortunately for him, Punk put him in his place.

According to Bleacher Report, CM Punk was in attendance at UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Barao 2 in Chicago, Illinois (his hometown) for a Q&A session. One fan took it upon himself to say why he couldn’t fight Punk himself, implying the notion Punk was not a true MMA fighter. The fan probably did not know Punk is known for pipe bombs, a true wordsmith when it comes to insults. Ergo, he got put in his place.

As shown in the video above, CM Punk took it upon himself to enforce he is the UFC fighter while the fan is in the crowds asking questions. He did this by saying the following, as reported by MMA Junkie.

“Are you a UFC fighter? I’m on the stage, b***h. Get the f**k out!”

Nevertheless, it is unfair to judge CM Punk as a fighter just because he had a career as a professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar was first a professional wrestler and had a decent run in the UFC. And right now, Bobby Lashley – a former professional wrestler too – is doing very well in Bellator MMA with a 13-2-0 record. What makes CM Punk different?

[Image via WWE]