Video Catches Three Women In A Brawl In Epcot At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the place where dreams come true and people have fun, and it's supposed to be all about the magic. Well, the real world sometimes has to slip in, and that's what happened on Saturday night. Three women got into a brawl at the Test Track attraction at Epcot, and it was all captured on cell phone video.

According to WFTV, the fight broke out in the queue line for Test Track at Epcot on Saturday evening. Another guest in line was watching it and decided to get the whole thing on video so he broke out his cell phone.

The video pretty much details everything that happens during the fight and a little bit after, but there is no reason seen for why it started.

Ray Przybysz was the guest who recorded the incident and then sent it into WFTV. He never did reveal any information as to what started the fight, or how things got so out of hand in the first place, per Action News.

In the video, three women are yelling at one another and it eventually leads to fist being thrown. At one point, one of the women even lifts a pink umbrella into the air and begins hitting another woman violently with it.

As the fight begins to move backward into the Test Track line, an Epcot Cast Member walks up and tries to break up the fight. The employee gets in the middle of the fight and tries to stop them, but he's simply pushed out of the way.

The line clears a little as other guests back up and out of the way. That's when things get really bad and the fight spills onto the floor and into the railings of the Test Track queue.

Finally, things calm down and the Cast Member walks back up to escort all those involved out of the line for the attraction. One of the women involved in the fight tries to stay in line and even makes sure the Cast Member took the other woman out of line as well.

There has been no further word yet as to what happened to the guests involved in the fight, after they were escorted from the attraction line.

Yes, bad and violent things happen at Walt Disney World as well. They happen everywhere and on Saturday night, it was the time for Test Track at Epcot to experience a brawl between three women that got way out of hand.

[Image via Danny Cox]