Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could See Bigger Role After Sam Bradford’s Injury Prognosis

The Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be in a quarterback bind, with Tim Tebow possibly being forced into a bigger role after Sam Bradford was handed a not entirely clear prognosis for his injured knee.

Bradford, who has now endured two ACL tears, reportedly had a 10 to 12 percent chance of tearing the ligament for a third time.

This week, the Eagles got the results of an independent assessment of the 27-year-old quarterback, and it’s not completely promising. While reports indicate that Bradford isn’t showing any signs of the injury at the team’s activities, coach Chip Kelly noted that there’s still a chance that the ACL could be susceptible to another injury.

Tim McManus of PhillyMag reported on the team’s assessment of Bradford.

“When it came to Bradford, the Eagles doctors consulted with the St. Louis trainers and the those that performed the surgery. The word they received was that the 27-year-old, coming off the second tear of his left ACL in less than a year’s time, “was fine” and “was progressing.” Further, there was no cartilage issues in the knee. On both occasions, it was just the ACL that was damaged.”

“The Eagles did their own independent research as well and reached the conclusion that when it comes to ACLs, there is a 10-to-12 percent chance of re-injury.”

“So that’s an 88-to-90 percent chance that they’re going to be successful,” said Kelly.

While Kelly appears to be optimistic about Sam Bradford, the chance of injury (even though small) could put Tim Tebow in a more important position on the team. While Tebow was initially viewed by many as a “camp arm” to take some reps in training camp while Bradford recovered, the prognosis for Bradford could push him into a bigger role.

Reports from team activities have indicated that Tebow is already outplaying third stringer Matt Barkley, and that Tebow’s once slow and inefficient throwing motion has shown improvement.

As Fox Sports noted, Tebow has been working with one of the best throwing coaches in the game.

“People have called Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow many things, but one term they have to add to that list is humble. After finding no NFL teams to take him in, Tebow went back to square one and began training with former MLB pitcher Tom House.”

House helped him retool his mechanics and throwing motion. Tebow said the pair worked “from the ground up,” focusing on “balance, posture, sequencing, timing,” per John Gonzalez of CSN Philly.

While rumors indicate that Tim Tebow is working his way up the ladder in the Philadelphia Eagles rotation, Tebow will still have to prove himself in real game situations this preseason to have a real chance of making the team.

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