Xbox Live Down: Server Issues Hit Xbox 360 And Xbox One Gaming Consoles

Xbox Live gamers from across North America and Europe were hit by a massive outage that seems to be still ongoing as this report is being filed. Xbox Live users first reported about various issues including problems with signing in to the service and the inability to check which of your friends are currently online, Gamespot reports. Over the course of the past two hours, the nature of the outage has changed with several people reporting different error messages each time they attempt to use or login to Xbox Live. Microsoft, which operates the Xbox Live service, has sent out a message to the users soon after the outage was first reported.

“We’re working hard on the current issues signing in to Xbox Live. Thank you for your patience.” The tweet also provided a link to the Xbox Live status page, which also confirmed that the service was facing an outage on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

“Xbox members, are you having trouble connecting to Xbox Live? We are currently working with our partner to find a fix for these issues. Thanks for being patient. Another update will be provided as soon as possible.”, a message on the Xbox Live status page read.

Here are some tweets from the official Twitter support account for Xbox Live.

Meanwhile, the issues with Xbox Live seems to be also affecting users who are trying to play some games offline. This, however, is yet to be confirmed. Xbox users in the meantime took to twitter to talk about the outage.

The reason for this Xbox Live outage remains unclear at this stage. This outage comes just a few weeks after Xbox’s arch rival Playstation’s online service – the Playstation network also faced a similar outage.

[Image via Microsoft]