Shawn Booth Arrives In L.A.: Here’s Why ‘The Other Guy’ Won’t Get Kaitlyn’s Final Rose

Shawn Booth arrived in L.A. today, one day after his rival, Nick Viall, flew in from Chicago. Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s two final picks will appear on the live After the Final Rose special on Monday night, but only one guy will walk away with a bride-to-be and the final rose.

Spoilers aside, it’s been clear all season the Shawn Booth would prevail over the guy he constantly referred to as “The Other Guy.” Unless you’ve been wearing dark glasses and refuse to see that Nick had no chance in this competition from the get-go.

Although #TeamNick supporters believe that their guy is a better match, the chemistry between Shawn and Kaitlyn — no matter how brief their encounters were — was undeniably better than the infatuation she had with Nick. Whether Viall was paid to come on the show or is just a glutton for punishment, a warning from her friend and former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, was probably all she needed to set her heart straight.

Why won’t “The Other Guy” get Kaitlyn’s final rose?

Here are five reasons why Shawn Booth arrived in L.A. to end the TV drama and start life with his new fiancee.

1. Nick appears to be in love with himself. He arrived in L.A. on Saturday, and shared yet another shirtless photo with his followers.

2. Nick calls getting ready for the After the Final Rose show “standard poolside prepping.” He’s done this before. If Kaitlyn picked him, he certainly wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) call it the same-old “routine.”

3. He created a cartoon of himself relaxing with a cocktail. Clearly he enjoys being in the spotlight and life’s little luxuries — like umbrella drinks at an L.A. hotel pool. Is he ready to get married or hoping to get on the next Bachelor franchise show? You decide.

4. He still wears Underoos. At least they are patriotic, but the shirtless selfies? Nick appears to enjoy the relationship he has with himself — he wouldn’t get as much attention from the ladies if he had to share the spotlight with Kaitlyn.

5. Shawn Booth. That’s the most convincing reason of all. He stood by her no matter what, even if he struggled with what happened between Kaitlyn and “The Other Guy.” And honestly, those pants? That’s a sign of true love.

The Bachelorette season finale begins at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 26, on ABC. Fans will undoubtedly see Kaitlyn shed some tears — happy and sad — on Monday night, because it’s a TV show.

However, the odds seem to be in Shawn Booth’s favor — there’s a really good chance the spoilers will be true and he will be sitting with Kaitlyn on the ATFR stage. And “The Other Guy”? He will be in the green room taking selfies.

[Image: ABC]