Jennifer Lopez Is More Vibrant At 46 Than Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are, perhaps, the two biggest female stars to come out of the 1990s. Both have had their ups and downs since. However, it is Jennifer Lopez that remains relevant. Proof to the point: Ms. Lopez has just turned 46 and, in general, people are celebrating her age. The New York Daily News gleefully reported on Lopez’s birthday party.

“Jennifer Lopez made 46 look like the new 20 at her birthday bash Saturday night in the Hamptons…Lopez flaunted her stellar physique in a revealing mesh cutout dress that left little room for any undergarments as it showed off the sides of her voluptuous derrière and a whole lot of cleavage.”

Although the concentration on Lopez’s looks could be construed as sexism, the fact that she is still being celebrated as vibrant, despite her age, says something. Mariah Carey also turned 46-years-old this year and people aren’t as excited. If fact, whether it is fair or not, the media seems to want to bring Carey down. The New York Times review of Mariah Carey’s show in Las Vegas was absolutely brutal.

“When it came to the notes, though, the struggle was real. From the beginning of the night, she was tentative and inconsistent. She sang parts of several songs an octave lower than the recordings. Often she appeared to be holding back as if to build up to a big moment, only to shy away from it. As she’s aged, her voice has gotten huskier, but sometimes the rasp felt like a glitch, not a goal.”

It’s important to note that Mariah Carey did receive some good reviews for her show. But as the New York Times notes, the fact that Mariah Carey has started the “Vegas” phase of her career is a sign of defeat. Her single “Infinity” barely registered on Billboard‘s Hot 100 (but did chart higher than singles by her peers). Mariah Carey seems to be trying way too hard these days and has widely been accused of staging a publicity stunt with her new boyfriend James Packer.

It’s important to note that Jennifer Lopez’s last album sold less than Me I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah’s 2014 release that damaged her sales reputation despite earning excellent reviews. However, Jennifer Lopez didn’t receive the same type of backlash; she doesn’t come out with press releases claiming she is the best, the greatest, and the biggest selling female artist in history. Album sales don’t matter for Jennifer Lopez; her brand continues to flourish. Mariah Carey may not be a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but she can definitely learn from her.

[Photos by Jerritt Clark and Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment]