‘Life With Cats’: Cat Steals Owner’s Dinner In A Sneaky Yet Adorable Way

If you are a cat owner, chances are that you can sympathize with the man in this video.

He is spending some quality time in the kitchen moments before he plans to eat his dinner. As described in the caption of the video, the man’s chicken dinner was sitting on top of the island within the kitchen. There was absolutely no one else in the kitchen with him at the time – or at least that’s what he thought.

Thanks to his Canary security camera equipment, you can see that he was not alone after all almost immediately after the video begins.

On the cabinets hovering above his kitchen counters, a cat is carefully and cautiously observing its owner below. The man appears to have no clue that his cat is even inside of the kitchen with him – and that is apparently what the feline crook wanted in the first place.

As soon as the perfect window of time opened up, the cat leaps from the ledge onto the island, steals the chicken dinner, and makes a quick getaway from the scene of the crime.

Once he realizes that he had just been robbed by a cat, all that the man could say was, “What the f–k?” as he continued to stand there in the kitchen in a state of absolute shock.

Apparently, based on posted messages on Twitter, this type of thing happens to quite a few cat owners.

YouTuber Jeremy Husted posted the now-viral video of a literal cat burglar online Friday. Since then, it has already been seen over 1.5 million times.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]