Junior Galette Loses His Mind On Twitter After Being Cut By The New Orleans Saints

On Thursday, the New Orleans Saints made yet another shocking offseason move by cutting defensive end/linebacker Junior Galette. Well, it may not be that shocking as he’s been productive on the field, but has had a lot of off-the-field troubles. About a day after he was released, Galette went on a Twitter rant that was one of the strangest and most bizarre things to happen.

As Canal Street Chronicles reported, Galette had originally deleted his Twitter account and it appeared he was going to take the high road. Knowing he has a possible future in the NFL to think about, it was probably the best idea not to respond to fans online or read their comments.

Well, that didn’t last long.

Junior Galette jumped on his girlfriend’s Twitter account and began attacking fans and anyone that was online. Not only that, he proceeded to verbally decimate the New Orleans Saints’ organization – coaches and players.

A few times, it appeared to be Galette’s girlfriend making comments.

junior galette twitter 1 saints

After a while, it was obvious that it was Galette on his girlfriend’s Twitter account and making the posts. Some of the comments are a little to “in the know” for it to not have been him.

junior galette twitter 1 saints

Obviously, he is not too fond of Saints head coach Sean Payton. Sure, the losses of Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills were hard (and still are hard) for Saints’ fans to take, but there are a number of players that were brought in to replace those now gone.

Galette was arrested in January after an alleged domestic dispute, but charged ended up being dropped. The NFL is still reviewing the incident though, and there is a video going around as well that shows a man, who resembles Galette, in a fight on a beach.

He started going off on the Saints in profanity-laced tirades about the money they paid him too.

According to Fox Sports, Galette had just signed a four-year, $41.5 million extension with the Saints last year. He led the team in 2014 with 10 sacks and he had 12 sacks, second on the team, in 2013.

Galette spoke of getting $20 million for one year, and other teams are not going to be keen on him speaking like this. It shows that if there are any problems at all, Galette is just going to rip the team left and right without thinking at all.

Junior Galette also ripped on specific Saints players such as calling Marques Colston “washed up” and saying Drew Brees has “diminishing arm strength.” After that, he took to going personal on offensive lineman Zach Strief.

junior galette twitter 1 saints

The Twitter tirade continued for a while before the account was taken down. Junior Galette attacked players, coaches, the Saints as a whole, and the fans. He just kept getting worse with the content and proceeded to dig himself a deeper hole in what was essentially career suicide.

Some teams usually take chances on troubled players if they can get good production out of them on the field. With this Twitter display from Junior Galette after being released by the New Orleans Saints, it’s hard to think even the Dallas Cowboys or Oakland Raiders would touch him.

[Image via Getty Images – Chris Graythen]