Kim Kardashian Wears Cornrow Braids In Hype Energy Drinks Ad [Photos]

Kim Kardashian knows how to get attention, and her latest ad campaign photos for Hype energy drink are doing exactly that online. From X17 to blogs, folks are reacting to seeing Kim’s face highlighted by a crowning row of cornrow braids that set off her dark features even more so. In the photos, it appears as if Kardashian’s hair has been braided into circular spirals of cornrow braids all around her head, with the front two cornrow braids left hanging down on either side of her face.


Another photo from the Hype Energy photoshoot features Kim sans braids, but sporting a short and wavy bob style. Ever the fashionista and trend dictator, Kardashian’s looks and expertise with beauty trends command attention from fans of the star.


As reported by the Inquisitr, Kardashian announced a make-up class to be held in California, wherein tickets were selling for $1,000 on Ticketmaster. The same day that Kim’s new cornrow look began getting more attention online, her husband, Kanye West had his video for “All Day / I Feel Like That” leaked online. West’s video is a moving target on YouTube, with certain versions being taken down for copyright infringement issues.

But back to Kim. She recently made a buzz in the Twitter community for her efforts at helping Twitter users potentially enjoy a new feature that would allow them to edit tweets in case of mistakes, instead of having to delete and repost them.

The Kardashian and Jenner families are also making the news due to Caitlyn Jenner’s premiere of I Am Cait, wherein Kylie is shown deciding to meet Caitlyn for the first time.

Other than making the news for her braided hairstyle, Kim has been photo’d with her baby bump, reports E! Online. The publication reported on the pregnant Kardashian looking stylish in a sheer black jumpsuit in Los Angeles.

Kim’s braids aren’t yet causing the kind of hubbub that arose when other members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have sported braids that some felt only belonged to certain cultures.

For the most part, plenty of Twitter users are siding with Kim and defending her new braided look for the ads.

“Are people really mad that Kim Kardashian is wearing braids? C’mon now…”

Other social media users are taking Kim in braids in stride and making light of the fashion statement.

“Kardashian got braids. Let’s alert Social Justice Warrior Twitter…”

[Image via Hype]