Missouri Man Smothers Father To Death With Body In Fight Over Leaky Basement Pipe

A Missouri man is facing murder charges following an altercation with his father Saturday night. The son used his weight to kill his dad while trying to show “how big and bad” he was.

According to Reuters, Kyle Webb, 44, of Grandview, Missouri, initiated a brawl with his 74-year-old father, Franklin Webb, before ultimately lying on his father’s head and suffocating him.

Kyle Webb allegedly killed his father during an argument that was sparked late Saturday in the Missouri home he and his father shared. Kyle reportedly didn’t appreciate his father’s complaints about how he’d cleaned up around a leaking pipe he had been working on and attacked his father to make his point, ultimately overpowering the older man and laying on him until he was dead.

“I had to prove how big and bad I was,” Kyle Webb reportedly told police, adding that he wanted to show his father he could control him.

Webb told police that before he went after his father he had been down in the basement of their home cleaning up a leak.

That’s when Webb says his father started shouting down disapproving and disparaging comments regarding the way he was going about the job, saying he wasn’t cleaning up the leaky mess correctly.

His father’s criticisms over his cleaning technique sent the younger Webb over the edge and, grabbing an empty vodka bottle, the son bolted up the stairs from the basement, the ultimately-tragic father/son brawl unfolding from there.

In related court documents, the younger Webb explained to authorities how the fight escalated and what led to him murdering his father, reports the Kansas City Star.

Once up the stairs, Webb claims his father threw a punch at him, which the younger Webb blocked. His father then lost his footing and proceeded to pile into a kitchen chair, striking his throat on the chair’s back in the process.

The younger Webb then jumped on top of his father, locking him down with his legs so that Webb senior couldn’t move. As he would later tell police, Webb wrestled in high school and also has a brown belt in judo, putting his ultimately-murdered 74-year-old father at a serious disadvantage in the fight.

While holding his father down, Webb then said he forced his father’s right arm across the older man’s throat, holding it there for “about three minutes.”

Webb’s father struggled to mount a counter attack, trying to grab a nearby fire extinguisher and also tearing at his son’s throat. But the younger Webb said he bit his father’s thumb before proceeding to lay his body on the back of his father’s head, crushing his father’s head into the kitchen floor and holding him there for 11 minutes.

When his father “began to twitch,” Webb got up to find that his dad was, not surprisingly, unconscious, Webb the younger panicked at that point and called 911.

The older Webb was later pronounced dead at a local hospital resulting in the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office charging Kyle Webb with second degree murder.

According to Kyle, he didn’t mean to kill his father but just to force him to pass out.

Regardless, Kyle Webb is now accused of murdering his father with bond set at $100,000.

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