Missing Dog Found, Reunited With Owners After 2 Years, Travels 1800 Miles From Arizona To Indiana

A family from Mesa, Arizona is celebrating the return of one of their family members, their dog Rocky, who went missing two years ago. Rocky, a Boxer, was last seen darting out of Aden Wasil’s family home in 2013. The owners tried everything to try and locate the dog – but were met with little success. Their hopes were high about Rocky being eventually found owing to the fact that the dog was microchipped. However, as the years passed by, naturally, their hopes began to diminish. Everyone from the family was attached to Rocky.

“I loved my dog. I got him on my birthday but he was a family dog,” Aden Wasil told AZ Family.

Two years later, the Wasils received a phone call from Indiana – 1800 miles away. The person on the other end of the line told them the news they were waiting to hear for two years! Their dog Rocky has been found! It was Aden’s mom Brittany Romero who received the all-important phone call.

“I got a call from an animal clinic in Elkhart and being here in Mesa that’s really far away. Soon as I got that call, I jumped out of bed and was so surprised that they had found Rocky.”

“I don’t even have words to explain how amazed and surprised I was. I honestly, I just didn’t think I would see him for a good while, if at all.”

While the dog had been located, he was still 1,800 miles away from home. They needed help from someone to bring the dog back home. That’s when a Facebook post that talked about the Arizona family needing volunteer drivers caught the attention of Sandra Walker, a volunteer with the Highway Heroes Rescue Transport. She jumped at the opportunity.

“I happened to be in California visiting my mom and happened to while I was waiting for her to thumb through Facebook realized we had been tagged in a post about Rocky and that they needed volunteer drivers.”

She contacted her fraternity and soon several others joined in the task of bringing Rocky back home. It took three days and the help of several other volunteer drivers to bring the dog back home. Eventually, Rocky was reunited with his family members after two years! The family is happy that their decision to microchip their dog paid off.

Missing dog

“He is microchipped and I’m so glad that I did have him microchipped just for that fact that I don’t know if I would have ever seen him again,” said Romero.

The Inquisitr has in the past reported about incredible dog reunions. Back in March 2014, we had reported about a dog being found after a three-year journey. In December, another dog was found 2,400 miles away from where he was stolen.

[Image Via Sandra Walker/AZ Family]