Cruel Teen Savagely Kicks Cat Into Air, Shares Video On Facebook, Sparks Outrage [Video]

A disturbing clip of a cruel teen savagely kicking a cat has gone viral. According to the Daily Mail, the video, reportedly filmed in the Central Spanish town of Fuentes in Spain, was originally uploaded to Facebook, and an overwhelming number of users have voiced their concerns over the vile teen's actions.

The 40-second video begins with the teen standing in an open area that looks like a parking lot. He can be seen holding the unsuspecting cat before placing it on the ground to be kicked. Wearing an orange shirt and black shorts, the teen lines up to kick the cat. The savagely forceful kick catapults the cat high into the air as it wails in agony. When the cat hits the ground and spastically shakes.

According to Opposing Views, the injured cat suffered a broken back and broken ribs, which ultimately led to its death. Now, animal rights activists are seeking justice. It has been reported that Animalist Party Against Mistreatment to Animals have stated that the two teens in the video are approximately 15 years of age, but at this point their identities are still unknown.

*Warning: Video contains graphic elements that are offensive to some viewers.*

Although further details about the incident are scarce, many viewers have expressed outrage and hope that teens identified and reprimanded for their actions. "Why would anyone do this to a defenseless animal?" one viewer asked.

"I feel like I am going to be sick. There is no greater evil than a person who would hurt or kill an innocent child or animal. I hope they find this evil guy and punish him to the fullest extent of the law. Humans--overall worst species on the planet," another viewer said.

The organization has reportedly filed a complaint with local authorities, but no further details about a possible investigation have been released.

[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Captures]