Sandra Bland Could Not Be Murdered When Family And Friends Heard From Her While She Was In Jail: An Objective View Of The Case

Sandra Bland could not be murdered before booking when family and friends heard from her while she was still in jail. She even made a phone call to her family and friends and left a voicemail as reported by yourblackworld.

Sandra Bland’s mugshot has been raising a lot of uproar throughout the nation and social activists from all walks of life and background are speculating about the whole incident. Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman, unfortunately died in jail after being arrested by a police officer on duty performing routine traffic stop. In a recent Inquisitr article, the dashcam footage of what really took place during her arrest was revealed. According to the Associated Press, Sandra Bland had no defensive injuries on her hands that would typically indicate a struggle.

There is no denying the fact that racism still exists in the United States and some cases similar to Sandra Bland’s, if not most cases in a similar affair, could be racial in nature. However, the racial tendencies could be avoided by applying wisdom in any given situation. One can never predict an outcome of a situation. Who knew what was going on in the police officer’s mind? The motive is still not clear, but a critical observation of the dash-cam footage lends credence to the fact that from the onset, the police officer was being polite and had no intention of hurting her. Sandra Bland, on the other hand, was also very irritated especially considering the circumstances under which she was pulled over. One thing led to another, ending ultimately in the death of a young woman.

In a recent report by the Daily Beast, leading forensic experts looked into the case and said there was no evidence to indicate Bland was dead in her mugshot.

This may also be an issue of perception. As Oscar Wilde wisely put it: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” This is a very sensitive issue and must be approached with serious scrutiny and must be viewed objectively, otherwise we will never find true answers to the questions arising from the incident. Even though there might be some cases of cover ups and corruption in the government agencies, the citizens must also trust the ability of the highly-trained officers of the law with integrity to provide some answers to the citizens.

Indeed it is a very tragic matter and hopefully those closely hurt by this will eventually find some peace. And for those looking for answers will find them in due time.

Sandra was laid to rest in Lisle, Illinois.

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[Image Via Waller County Sheriffs Office]