Granddaughter Delivers Heartfelt Letter To Dying Grandfather Just Hours Before His Death, Letter Goes Viral [Photo]

Children have been known to make profound statements that far exceed their youth, and one little girl's recent letter to her ailing grandfather is yet another example of the brilliance of children. According to Fox Carolina, Cadence Rench made a gratuitous effort to express her love for her grandfather, Lee Roy Watkins.

Although he had a special bond with all of his grandchildren, little Cadence decided to put her sentiments into words at the perfect time -- just hours before her grandfather died. On Thursday, July 23, she delivered the letter to her grandfather. Now, the heartfelt expression of love has gone viral. The 7-year-old's powerful words spoke volumes, but she probably had no idea of the magnitude of her short statement.

Here's what she had to say.

"I love you!... Get better soon! I will miss you, God is ready! He wants to see you! From, Cadence."
Once delivered, Cadence's aunt, Brisen Dyess, shared the touching letter on social media. "I just thought I'd share it, and maybe help brighten someone's day," Dyess said. It definitely didn't take long for many social media users to acknowledge the magnitude of the note, and now it has even caught the attention of local news outlets.
During an interview with WDAM, Dyess briefly shared details about her grandfather and the heartbreaking circumstances that contributed to his illness. She explained how illness and matters of the heart contributed to his gradual demise. "He had a stroke back in February and just hasn't been in good health since," Dyess said. "After my grandma died four years ago, he kind of just slowly let go. I believe a lot of it was him grieving over his wife of nearly 50 years."

According to the Daily Mail, Lee Roy Watkins passed away on Thursday, July 23 -- just hours after his granddaughter delivered her letter. Although the heartbreaking letter brought tears to Dyess' eyes, she definitely felt the note was worth sharing with the world. "It brought a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes. A lot of people don't realize that God is waiting for all of us."

[Image via WDAM; Brisen Dyess]