Man Sees Hand Where Flusher Should Be In Toilet At Hong Kong International Airport

A traveler took a few moments to relieve himself in the public toilets of Hong Kong International Airport, and when he finished, he looked up to get the shock of his life. As he went to flush the urinal, he saw a human hand poking through the wall where the flusher sensor should have been.

The man couldn’t believe his eyes. This is not something you expect to happen at Hong Kong International Airport when trying to take a whizz.

While shocked, he still managed to take a photo of the hand poking through the wall and posted it on the online forum Hong Kong Golden.

Other members of the forum were equally shocked and perplexed, trying to figure out why the hand would be there. Some suggested possibly a workman was carrying out maintenance at the time.

Another person thought up the unlikely story that a minimum wage employee, working for Hong Kong International Airport, was manually flushing the urinals.

One Twitter user immediately thought of the character Thing from the old TV show The Addams Family, who basically consisted of, you guessed it, a hand.

Another Twitter user recalled a similar situation happening to her, but in her case it wasn’t a hand — she was being filmed.

It seems that so far, no one knows why it happened, but it’s not the first story to come out of Hong Kong International Airport lately.

According to the Mirror, this photo comes just a couple of days after an opportunistic thief managed to get away with NZD$1 million (US$658,000) in cash at Hong Kong International Airport which was traveling from Auckland, New Zealand, on Friday.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the bag containing the cash was one of 13 bags taken off a Cathay Pacific Flight, which were heading through Hong Kong International Airport to the Bank of China. Three packages reportedly fell out of the container, two of which were recovered and the other ended up in some lucky thief’s hands.

However, it is unlikely that one of those luckier hands was the one seen poking through the toilet wall. You can guess he was long gone.

[Image: Hong Kong International Airport CC BY 2.5 Shizhao]