‘Destiny’: The Best Sites And App For LFG, Inventory, Stats, And More

As the release of Destiny: The Taken King approaches, it’s worth the time to take a look at some of the best websites and mobile apps that help make the PlayStation and Xbox shooter more enjoyable. Whether it’s moving inventory around, finding others to play with, checking stats, or just trying find information, these are the sites and apps that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Inventory Management Apps

Managing multiple characters in Destiny means moving weapons and items from a character to the Vault and then to another character. The official Destiny Companion App for mobile devices, along with the Bungie website, allows players the basics of moving items around. However, there are a pair of user-created apps that do it so much better by removing the tedious step of placing an item in the vault before moving it elsewhere.

Destiny Item Manager

Destiny Item Manager is currently only available as an add-on for Google Chrome browsers on the PC via the Chrome Store. It allows user to move weapons, armor, and items around by dragging and dropping or by clicking on an object and issuing a Store or Equip command for each character or moving it to the Vault. It also features the ability to search for items and create filters.

As mentioned above, Destiny Item Manager is currently only available for Google Chrome. The developer stated on Reddit that mobile versions and other browser versions are in the works, as well.

Tower Ghost for Destiny

Tower Ghost for Destiny

Tower Ghost is available on the most platforms and has more features than DIM. It’s missing the ability to drag and drop items to move around, and some are more partial to the browser layout on DIM. The former is being added in an upcoming update, but Tower Ghost has more robust filters and loadout management, which makes it a great use. The fact that it’s available on Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone Store, Chrome Store, and the Firefox Store makes it way more widely available.

Looking for Group (LFG)

With no dedicated matchmaking offered for certain Destiny activities like Raids, the Weekly Nightfall, and Prison of Elders, it’s necessary to team up with others. Fortunately, there are LFG sites dedicated to bringing Destiny players together. The interesting part is the different approaches taken and.

The 100

The 100 attempts to create a gaming clan type atmosphere by placing players in groups of up to 100 others. You can find groups that play at certain times during the day, have a certain age range of players, and are hardcore or casual players. Events for the different activities in Destiny can be scheduled and allow members of the group to mark that they will join as an active player or a reserve.

Because it does create a community and you get a chance to build new online friendships, The 100 is a preferred LFG choice for Destiny. It may take trying a couple of groups to find one that has the frequency of activities and players you like to join.



Probably the largest LFG site for the game, DestinyLFG is strictly for finding pickup games with other Destiny players, whether you are a group of four or five looking for one more for a raid or a single player looking for a group. The downside is that the number of players is so large that your posts looking for a group or looking for a player may not get noticed during peak hours.

Reddit Fireteams

Reddit Fireteams is another pickup LFG site that falls in between the immensity of DestinyLFG and the community of The 100. Since it is a Reddit site, you have all the community features built in. However, it’s lacking in the ability to filter by activity and console. You’ll also want to bookmark the “new” posts tab instead of the main “hot” page.

Destiny Sherpa Reddit

Do you need help completing a Raid or getting through Trials of Osiris? The Destiny SherpaReddit group might be for you. This is a dedicated Reddit group for players looking for help from other experienced players.

Information and Progress Sites

If you are looking for straight up information on in-game items, stats, and more there are several options available straight from Bungie and third-party sites.


DestinyDB keeps a comprehensive database of all the weapons, armor, items, and Grimoire cards in the game. You can also pull the statistics for yourself and other players from both PVP and PVE activities. It’s the preferred source whenever one is pulling information for Exotic armor and weapons, like in these weekly Xur posts.

Destiny Tracker

This site is for those that want a comprehensive deep dive look into their personal stats. Destiny Tracker keeps track of how players perform in PVP and PVE. The PVP stats are some of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive, among Destiny sites. It even goes as far as to provide a “True Skill” rating for each of the PV gametypes.

One feature that some have been using Destiny Tracker for lately is hunting down the Grimoire Cards. It has a nice, easily understood layout, and the ability to see only those cards that missing or incomplete.

Destiny Tracker Grimoire

Destiny Status

If you want just a quick snapshot of your player’s progress for reputation and weekly activity progress, Destiny Status is excellent. It is light, well laid out, and gives a quick snappy look at all characters in an account plus Grimoire progress.

Destiny Ghost Hunter

If you are tracking down all the Ghosts in Destiny, the site you need to bookmark is Destiny Ghost Hunter. It tracks all the dead Ghosts that have been found by you and yet to be uncovered. Video guides are available for most, along with text guides to help find those Ghosts that are difficult to hunt down.

Destiny Public Events

If you are still running through public events in Destiny, then the appropriately named Destiny Public Events should be one of your first choices. The site owners do a good job of keeping up with the changes and tweaks that Bungie makes to when public events happen. Android and iOS apps are available too.

Do you have some favorite Destiny website or apps? Share them in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie, Tower Ghost, DestinyLFG, Destiny Tracker]