Colorado Man Sights 'Two Bright Red, Disc-Shaped' UFOs Hovering Over His House

JohnThomas Didymus

A Colorado man reported sighting two bright red, saucer-shaped UFOs hovering over his neighborhood in Commerce City, Adams County. The UFOs later chased military jets in the sky.

According to the testimony filed as Case 68220 in the database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), at about 9:15 p.m. on July 15, 2015, a man and his wife were watching television in their home when the husband stepped out of the house to fix a light.

Once outside, he noticed "two bright red" flying saucers hovering over their neighbor's house. Alarmed, he ran into the house to call his wife.

Annoyed that her husband interrupted her TV viewing, the woman came outside to have a look. When she saw the objects in the sky, she declared they were lights of an airplane over the airport and went back indoors to watch TV.

"Something bright red came into view. I saw it was disc-shaped. I ran into the house to alert my wife of what I was looking at. She got mad at me and came outside, looked up and said it was an airplane from the DIA airport and went back into the house."
"Our house has lots of windows. When my wife yelled at me to come take a look at what she was seeing in the window – what she thought to be fireworks."
"One of the flying discs was right up close to the house. I saw it really well and joked with the wife and said it was an invasion."

The man and his wife were scared. The wife told her husband to go outside and have a look at the UFO to see what it was doing hovering over their house.

When the man refused to go out, his wife teased him, saying, "Are you afraid? Are you scared they [the aliens] will take you?"

The man answered truthfully, saying, "Yes, I am [scared]."

At that moment, he noticed two Air Force jets heading east. The two disc-shaped UFOs took off suddenly, following the jets at "great speed."

According to the witness, helicopters also appeared in the sky.

"Then I noticed two black copters headed in the same path – I was scared – yes. I was, wow, I hope we never see this again. But we will never forget what was seen."

The link between the military jets and the UFOs is uncertain. Military officials might have laughed at the man because they knew he had only witnessed an Air Force equipment test or a training exercise.

UFO enthusiasts would likely speculate that alien UFOs had tailed the military jets for observation and that the Air Force authorities were unaware of it.

But Open Minds-TV warns that although the sighting was strange, "most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made."

[Image: MUFON]