Donald Trump And The GOP Debates: Is Trump A ‘Boon For The Republicans?’

Throughout his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump has generated a lot of headlines and a lot of interest. Whether voters agree with Trump or not, one thing is obvious: Donald has kept the race for the Republican nomination interesting.

Some political analysts believe Trump’s ability to stir the pot and generate headlines will continue right through to the GOP debates.

In fact, Donald Trump’s rising popularity raises the question: How will Trump change the atmosphere on stage at the first Republican debate?

Ken Tucker of Yahoo! TV believes Trump’s presence will cause the event to differ drastically from traditional political debates.

“Trump is the candidate who is poised to disprove Marshall McLuhan’s notion that TV is a ‘cool medium,’ one that favors those who maintain a serene demeanor to radiate control, intelligence, and supple power.”

Newt Gingrich also had advice to share where debating Trump is concerned. Gingrich, who was considered the “fiery” candidate during the 2012 presidential primaries, is the former speaker of the house. Gingrich told the Associated Press as follows.

“Do not try to match him in anger and in aggressiveness. It’s not possible. He’s a very instinctively aggressive guy, and if you try to dance with him on his strengths he’ll run over you.”

In the same Associated Press article, GOP strategist Charlie Black said he wouldn’t even consider looking in Donald Trump’s direction during the debate.

“Just try to ignore him,” Black said. “The less attention you give him the better. I wouldn’t even look at him.”

So far during his campaign, Donald Trump has been called the “wildcard” where GOP candidates are concerned, and Donald has a tendency to “say what others only think,” according to the Associated Press. So far, Trump’s outspoken nature has gotten him into trouble with NBC, veterans and supporters of John McCain, and even the Mexican government.

In his article, Tucker of Yahoo! News mentions that many Republicans believe voters will tire of Donald Trump’s outspoken attitude, and that his presence at the GOP debates could be the catalyst needed to help voters realize that Trump is out of his league. Or, Tucker writes, the opposite could happen.

“There are some who think that having Trump in the debate is a boon for the Republicans, the reasoning being that his over-the-top demeanor will make the rest of the field look warmly reassuring and sensible. But this neglects the feeling among many voters that the time for reassurance is over — action is what’s needed, and Trump is the Action-Figure Candidate, a sturdy construction who thrives in aggressive situations.”

The first debate, which is scheduled to be hosted by Fox News on Aug. 6, will feature the top 10 GOP candidates, as determined by national popularity polls.

Donald Trump is currently leading all Republican candidates in the polls.

How do you think Donald Trump will change the GOP debates?

[Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images]