Beech Bend Amusement Park Accident: Ride Topples To Ground, 12 Injured In Bowling Green

A ride at the Beech Bend Amusement Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, toppled to the ground while in motion. The accident left 12 riders injured, with eight being transported by ambulance to a nearby ER at The Medical Center in Bowling Green. Witnesses claim that the ride simply toppled over on its side and that numerous riders were trapped in their swing seats when the ride came to a halt.

According to the Bowling Green Daily News, a swing ride called the Jitterbug "toppled" over as riders crashed to the ground. The Warren County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the Beech Bend park at 6:18 p.m., along with The Medical Center Emergency Medical Services ambulances, to evaluate and treat the injured. In total, eight riders were transported to the hospital by ambulance.

The sheriff's office spokesman, Stephen Harmon, noted that the Jitterbug ride had "turned over" and that the department responded in full force with EMS, the fire department, and emergency management members.

"We responded with EMS, fire and emergency management to Beech Bend Park for the swing ride."
At the time of the accident, it was reported that Warren County Rescue Department Interim Chief Vince Willingham was at the park with his 3-year-old child. Willingham said that he heard a bunch of crashing but didn't realize what had happened until the ride came to a stop, completely turned on its side.
"I heard a bunch of crashing. I didn't see anything until it had stopped. The whole swing was toppled on its side. When I got there, there were still three people in their seats that couldn't get out. It just looked like it had fallen on its side."
Willingham noted that as soon as the ride stopped, numerous lifeguards and park staff members were tending to the injured and freeing riders trapped in their seats. Ages of riders have not been disclosed, but witnesses say that some of the injured were children. Despite the horrifying nature of the scene, The Medical Center reports that as of this morning, all patients from the swing ride accident have been released.

Meanwhile, WKYT reports that the state agency that oversees amusement park rides has been notified and will be inspecting the Beech Bend Amusement Park to see what could have went wrong to cause the Jitterbug ride to topple over.

Do you think the Beech Bend Amusement Park should be shut down until a cause for the accident is determined?

[Image Credit: Twitter / FallsJimmy]