This Map Of The World Of ‘GTA V’ Puts All Others To Shame

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) fans have yet another reason to rejoice in the ingenuity of their community. Tspoon’s GTA V Los Santos map has been updated to include new collectibles, new locations, and more. The Map, while not officially sponsored by GTA V developer Rockstar Games, is a good as any map that the game dev has pumped out, even better in some instances.

The GTA V map, which is available for download on Google Play, iTunes App Store, as well as usable in a web browser, gives users the ability to toggle between atlas, satellite, road, and a UV invert views. In addition, users can toggle what point of interest (POI) they are looking for and zoom in all the way to the street level to get a better idea of where it is in GTA V‘s sprawling metropolis. The Google Maps feel of the whole app makes the map easy to navigate and understand, which makes the map all the more useful.

More features of the GTA V Map, which is called the “Unofficial Map for GTA 5,” are the inclusion of over 2000 POI locations, the ability to track and sync your in-game progress with the map, you can edit your notes and sync them with the desktop version of the map, and more. In addition, the latest update added the peyote locations, which will let you traverse Los Santos as a bird of prey, sharks, or more.

Coming soon is the ability to search GTA V‘s world by street name, which could come in handy if you’re on a heist that requires you to go to a certain street and you have no clue where it’s located. While the in game GPS is actually really good, having the extra resource is helpful. The GTA V map also shows you all the different weapon and ammo pick ups, nuclear waste sites, and many of the Easter eggs found throughout GTA V.

Recently, GTA V held a sale on some of their Grand Theft Auto Online items, which the Inquisitr reported on. For those who couldn’t take advantage, you missed a great deal on some of the more expensive, and insanely powerful vehicles in the game. Rockstar has recently been doing double RP and cash weekends and events to celebrate the release of their “Ill-gotten Gains Part 2” update to GTA Online, so expect to see more from them if you missed out the chance to get an Annihilator helicopter at an insane discount.

Use the GTA V map to help in your GTA Online heists? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via “Unofficial Map for GTA 5“]