Kanye West’s ‘All Day / I Feel Like That’ Music Video Leaks — Watch The Weird And Wonderful One-Shot Footage [Video]

The weirdness and creativity that is Kanye West’s new “All Day / I Feel Like That” leaked music video is more than six minutes of a single shot of Kanye alternating lip-synching, panting, and sitting down. The video reminds movie fans of the single shot streaming footage that Alfred Hitchcock made famous in movies like Rope.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the last time Kanye’s “All Day” video made major buzz was during the BRIT Awards, wherein West brought a blowtorch on stage and everything. The buzz about that debut of “All Day” being performed anywhere by Kanye was that the TV censors had to bleep out so many curse words that the performance was hard to hear by TV watchers.

In the above “All Day / I Feel Like That” music video, it appears to be a leak from footage recorded during a screening of the video. The music video itself is being broadcast on a large screen on a wall. At one point near the end of the video, a person walks in front of the music video’s footage, and the videographer tries to record around their figure.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Kanye’s song leaked online early. On YouTube, those commenting on the video leak are writing about their love for the video, and the fact that part of the video is blocked. Various versions are appearing on YouTube and getting views frequently.

“But they’re clearly in a room with people lined along the perimeter all trying to watch the screen, yet that neanderthal still walks directly in the middle of the room blocking people’s view.”

The “All Day/I Feel Like That” video was directed by Steve McQueen — not the former actor, but the director of 12 Years a Slave. The one-take video shows West appearing out of breath and alternately crouching down and allowing the camera to continue to record Kanye, even as he simply breathes.

Indeed, many of the comments about the “All Day” video are positive, with folks writing that the video displays a more in-depth side of Kanye.

“Whoa. That was a powerful, new side to Kanye. I love him even more.”

The interpretations of the single take on West are also gaining on YouTube.

“I feel like it is shot like a paparazzi is taping him.”

No matter the viewer’s views about Kanye’s new avant garde video, the leak of “All Day” is gaining buzz online on Sunday.

“This is powerful stuff, can almost feel his energy just watching him.”

[Image via “All Day / I Feel Like That” video]