Nick Viall Sunbathes By L.A. Pool In Prep For ‘After The Final Rose’ Special [Photo]

When viewers watch The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special on Monday night after the season finale, they’ll see a very tanned Nick Viall. On Saturday, Nick, already in Los Angeles for the taping and airing of the special, shared a photo of himself sunbathing by a pool.

The photo shows that Nick, one of the last two men for Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe — the other being Shawn Booth — is now not only very tanned, but also muscular with a full beard and mustache. Referencing the fact that this is the second time that he’ll be doing an After the Final Rose special, the first time being when he was on Andi Dorfman’s season, Nick wrote that he never thought he would develop a routine for it. He added that he’ll see how things turn out the second time around.

“Standard poolside prepping for After the Final Rose. Never thought I’d develop a routine for this. We will see how things turn out this time. #poolside#weekend #thebachelorette#afterthefinalrose #bachelorette.”


The first time that Nick Viall went on the special, it didn’t turn out so well. Seemingly hurt and confused over Andi Dorfman’s decision to choose Josh Murray over him on the finale, he asked her why she made love to him during their overnight fantasy suite date when she wasn’t in love with him. The audience members gasped in shock at what Nick said. Andi immediately shot back that what Nick just said was “below the belt.”

“Well first of all I think that’s kind of below the belt. That’s something that’s private and should be kept private. But the things I did with you and the things I said to you, and I think I told you this, at the very last day with you, those things were real. The things I said to you, the way I kissed you, the way I looked at you, those things were real. And your take on it might have been somewhat different than mine but it was real for me.”

Nick countered that he didn’t mean to go “below the belt” but that what they did on their overnight date was “finacee type” of behavior and that it meant a lot to him.

Nick later told reporters that he didn’t mean to humiliate Andi.

“I definitely wish I had that opportunity to have that conversation with her in private. I did not go into last night expecting to ask her that. I was just so caught off guard by her demeanor. It wasn’t so much about the sex but the level of intimacy that night and given the situation at the time I made it very clear where I was in my feelings for her and what something like that meant to me. I was just so caught off guard that it sort of just came out. If I had any regrets, I didn’t want to humiliate her or make her feel that way. I feel very sorry if she did feel that way.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andi, while watching the episode during which Nick strongly implied to the other men that he and Kaitlyn had sex during their date, lashed out at Nick with a critical tweet.

Will viewers see Kaitlyn Bristowe choose Nick Viall or Shawn Booth on The Bachelorette finale? As Us Weekly reported on Thursday, both Ben Higgins and Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg said that they believe Shawn is the man for Kaitlyn. Host Chris Harrison even said that Kaitlyn “deeply loves” Shawn.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]