Tomorrowland Music Festival Rocks Belgium This Weekend

Don’t confuse it with the Disney movie or theme park attraction: this Tomorrowland is all about music. Specifically, Belgium’s Tomorrowland festival is the world’s biggest electronic dance music festival, held during the last weekend of July in the appropriately named Boom, Belgium.

Running since 2005, Tomorrowland brings together musicians from all over the globe in a massive celebration of electronic music, dance, and spectacle. Its attendance has skyrocketed over the years, with last year’s Tomorrowland clocking in at 360,000 attendees coming in from 200 different countries. This year, attendance is expected to top 400,000, with the official site touting dozens of acts sure to appeal to electronic music fans.

Billboard has already started delivering a blow-by-blow account of the acts taking the stage at Tomorrowland 2015, detailing everything from surprise performances and remixes to the variety of visuals executed during the various acts.

Attendees of this year’s Tomorrowland are already flooding social media with photos of the spectacular stages built for the guests’ various performances.

While tickets go fast and the crowds are (as we can see) massive, it’s possible to enjoy the events of Tomorrowland even if you can’t make it there in person. TechCrunch announced last week that Tomorrowland and Live Media Group are teaming up to stream the event from a mobile app and desktop platform. This means that, in addition to the nearly half a million people actually in attendance this weekend, thousands more the world over will be able to witness Tomorrowland’s musical acts from their phones, computers, and other devices.

Arguably, viewers at home might have an even better opportunity to witness everything the music festival has to offer. Your EDM reports that those watching online will be able to stream four Tomorrowland stages at once and zoom in on any particular one that grabs their interest to get the full effect.

It seems everyone on board is well aware of Tomorrowland’s scope as a unifying worldwide musical event.

Airscape’s Johan Gielen says of the event, “It’s a world gathering here, you know? Everybody comes from different countries over the world and you feel like it’s a big family thing.”

This year’s Tomorrowland comes to a close tonight, but we can expect attendees and performers to continue sharing their experiences via social media for quite a while to come. Additionally, similar sister events are run in Brazil and Georgia (United States) throughout the year.