Donald Trump Leads In Latest CNN Poll

Donald Trump has pulled ahead in a new poll by CNN/ORC, with the tycoon garnering 3 percent more support from Republicans than his nearest rival, Jeb Bush. Since the results of another CNN/ORC poll were published on July 1, his support amongst Republicans has risen by 6 percent to 18 percent. Meanwhile, support for Bush has languished, falling by 4 percent, from 19 to 15 percent.

It appears that Trump’s comments on John McCain’s war record, which were strongly rebuked by fellow Republicans, hasn’t hurt his support from party members.

In the “All Americans” category, however, both Republican candidates are still behind Democrat frontrunner Hilary Clinton when it comes to public opinion. In this section, the pollsters asked those interviewed whether they held a positive or negative opinion of several candidates. While 45 percent expressed a positive opinion of Clinton, just 33 percent held positive opinions of both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Forty-eight percent held a negative opinion of Clinton, whilst 58 percent held negative views of Trump, compared to 43 percent for Bush.

Reuters reports that speaking on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, Trump said that the poll results demonstrate a sea-change in politics.

“There is a movement going on. This is more than me… people are tired of these incompetent politicians in Washington that can’t get anything done.”

Amongst all registered voters, the percentage of those surveyed who hold negative opinions of Trump, Bush, and Clinton all increased, up to 59 percent for Trump, 45 percent for Bush, and 49 percent for Clinton.

Donald Trump has been unafraid of making both enemies and sweeping statements throughout his campaign, putting backs up amongst his Republican rivals by claiming that John McCain, a prisoner in Vietnam for five years, wasn’t a war hero. Trump never served in the conflict himself.

He also unabashedly barred the Des Moines Register from covering a campaign event in Iowa, following an editorial which called Trump’s campaign a “bloviating side show.” Trump took another potshot at the newspaper on Twitter on Saturday, the day after Register journalist Kathie Obradovich was denied press credentials.

The CNN/ORC poll isn’t the only one where Trump has picked up Republican support. Breitbart reports that in a new Economist/Yougov poll, Donald Trump has an even wider lead over Jeb Bush, with 28 percent of registered Republican voters surveyed saying he’s their first pick, compared to 14 percent for Bush.

It is, however, far from settled for Trump. CNN also notes that of Republicans surveyed, 51 percent believe that the leadership race is still anyone’s game and that they haven’t made their pick yet. Of that group, Bush holds the lead with 14 percent support, one percentage point ahead of Trump. Polls are not the final result, and it’s clear that if Trump’s to have his day, he’s got a long, arduous year of campaigning ahead of him.

[Lead photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]