Brandi Glanville Living In A Condo, Gets Rid Of ‘RHOBH’ Reminders

Brandi Glanville has found a new home. On Friday, the former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared that she’s now living in a condo.

Brandi spent the weekend moving. She excitedly tweeted about meeting her new condo neighbor, who is quite good looking. She admitted that having a hot condo neighbor could mean trouble for her.

An early episode on Season 5 showed Brandi moving into a spacious new home, with a large backyard with great views and a pool. She threw a housewarming party and several of her former co-stars showed up, including Yolanda Foster, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and even Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa’s presence shocked everyone, since her friendship with Brandi had deteriorated the season prior.

“You made it!” exclaimed Brandi upon seeing Lisa. Brandi later confessed in a solo interview that Lisa’s presence at the party confused her, since she had made clear that she wasn’t going to go to the party. When Brandi told Lisa that she came because she loves her, Lisa said that she doesn’t.

Right after it was revealed that Brandi wouldn’t be returning for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she tweeted about her stress of having to find a new home. At the time, she did not explain why she was moving yet again. Brandi’s constant moves has received quite a bit of criticism from viewers. They question why she moves all the time and tell her that it’s better for her two sons that they have a stable home life.

On Thursday, Brandi lashed out at those who think that she moves out of choice.

“Does any1 ever think I actually choose to move every second of my life? Get a f**king grip- #partofthejob -u really don’t get it.”

She later explained that she moved into the home that people saw on Season 5 because it was a property that the landlord allowed to be filmed for the show.

She added that apartments don’t allow filming, further implying that hew new home is part of the reason why she’s not on the reality TV show, rather than her moving into a smaller place because she’s no longer on the show and doesn’t have that paycheck anymore.

One thing that likely won’t be in Brandi’s new home are Real Housewives mementos. At the beginning of her moving weekend, Brandi posted a photo of herself holding giant Real Housewives posters. She had a tag that said that she was giving away the posters, one for free and another just for $1. She added the hashtag “#MOVINGON” to her photo.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi Glanville recently said in an interview that her life is now much more relaxed and stress-free without the drama of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She explained that the departure of Kim Richards from the show and the reduced role of Yolanda Foster contributed to her decision to not return to the show, even on a limited basis.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]