Mother’s Ultrasound Reveals More Than Her Unborn Child, Mysterious Dinosaur Womb-Mate Baffles Couple

Leanne Sullivan was excited to receive an ultrasound of her unborn child, Ruthie-Lou. However, she was not prepared to see an image of a dinosaur hovering above her precious baby girl.

The unexpected womb-mate baffled Sullivan and the father of her child, leaving them wondering what the image really was.

The strange image hovering above Ruthie-Lou resembles a brontosaurus in the still they received from the hospital. While at the hospital, the brontosaurus was not noticeable on the monitor, lending even more mystery to the dinosaur’s presence. Sullivan, 29, was shocked when her friend pointed the dinosaur out while she was sharing the photo, according to Metro U.K.

“I really didn’t see at all until Jenny (her friend) mentioned it – she pointed it out straight away. But once you have a proper look at it you can really see that it actually does look like a dinosaur.”

The ultrasound has taken social media by storm, becoming a viral sensation, according to AOL News, giving Ruthie-Lou and her dinosaur womb-mate their fifteen minutes of fame before they are even born.

Jokes have circulated claiming Sullivan has taken her love of Jurassic World too far by having the dinosaur twin inside of her. However, the real father is James Fletcher, a real human.

The image of the dinosaur, although convincing, is not a dinosaur, of course. Its presence may not be fully explained, but it is more than likely nothing more than trickery of light. Since the image was not visible on the screen at the hospital, it is thought that the picture was captured just as the light on the monitor was moving, catching it just at the right time.

The human brain has a tendency to make sense out of images it doesn’t understand, using past memories and experiences to create something that is understandable, similar to the way an individual might see a face in the clouds or the skin of a potato. Although the dinosaur is not really there, the mind tricks us into believing it is.

Despite knowing there is not a dinosaur in her womb, Sullivan is excited to see what her Ruthie-Lou will look like when born in just five weeks. She is not expecting a dino-twin to arrive alongside her precious baby girl, but won’t be too surprised if it happens.

There is no word whether she plans to decorate Ruthie-Lou’s room with dinosaurs.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]