‘Paper Towns’ Author John Green Sneaks Into His Own Film

If you saw Paper Towns in the right theater Thursday evening, you may have been viewing the movie with someone very special. Author and vlogger John Green posted a picture to Instagram on Thursday, confessing that he snuck in to see Paper Towns in the theaters.

Green spent a little time watching the film with the audience before heading off to the Night on the Towns event. The event included a special of showing of Paper Towns with a live concert that culminated in a Q&A session with the Paper Towns cast, director, and Green himself.

Paper Towns was officially released on Friday. The film earned $6.35 million on the opening night, slightly less than Green’s other book-to-film adaptation, The Fault in Our Stars. Paper Towns’ production cost $12 million, and the film is expected to earn a total of $14.3 million by Sunday, ending the weekend on the way to a solid showing overall.

Fans of The Fault in Our Stars a couple of familiar faces in Paper Towns. The lead character of Quentin is played by Natt Wolff, the actor who portrayed Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars. Fans can also look forward to a surprise cameo by Ansel Elgort, the actor who played Gus in The Fault in Our Stars.

The teen road trip story is being received fairly well by critics. In particular, critics are praising the performance of Cara Delevingne. Delevingne launched to fame as a model. Playing Margo in Paper Towns is her first shot at a leading role, and critics are taken by her charming performance.

“Supermodel Delevigne wears down any resentment of yet another Brit playing an American teen. Her flashing eyes and throaty voice indicate the star power to make it in pictures that move,” says Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, who gave the film 3 out of 4 stars.

Paper Towns revolves around a character named Quentin who reconnects with his high school love interest named Margo (played by Cara Delevingne) when she sneaks into his bedroom at night and compels him to help her on a mission to exact revenge on her ex-boyfriend. When Margo disappears, Q sets off with his friends to find her, following clues she left behind. The adaptation stays fairly true to the novel, with only a few differences between the book and the movie.

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