Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson May Have To Decide Quickly On Team’s Giant Contract Offer

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to have thrown down the gauntlet in negotiations with Russell Wilson, offering a gigantic $21 million per year for the quarterback to sign a long-term deal.

Whether Wilson decided to take the offer, however, remains to be seen.

The team has been locked in negotiations with Wilson for the better part of the offseason, and at times the two sides seemed as if they couldn’t be further apart. Wilson is seeking to be the highest-paid quarterback — and some reports indicated the highest paid player in the entire league — but to this point, the Seattle Seahawks were rumored to be offering less.

Now, reports indicate that the Seahawks are putting an end to the drama with their $21 million per year offer.

There is no indication yet of whether Wilson will take the deal, but some believe he would be foolish in turning it down. Speaking to NBC Sports Radio’s The Erik Kuselias Show, former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said Wilson would be taking too big of a chance by passing up the offer.

“He’s gonna sign a huge contract in the $20 million-plus (per year) range I would guess,” Holmgren said, via MyNorthwest. “To not sign it and to play this year for $1.5 million, they always run the risk of injury, and to make another million bucks in a $100 million contract over five years doesn’t make any sense to me at all, and I would tell him that. If he asks me, I’ll tell him. And that’s why I think he’s making a mistake.”

There may not be much time left for Russell Wilson to decide. Reports indicate that Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, will shut down talks when the team’s training camp opens this week.

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According to people who have worked with agent Mark Rodgers, his history with high-profile, big-money deals shows that to be the case. If Rodgers continues to do business the same way he always has while representing baseball players, each day closer to free agency means decreased likelihood of a deal before Wilson is free (after two franchise tags in 2016 and 2017).

If Russell Wilson were to reject the $21 million per year offer, there are rumors that the Seattle Seahawks may look for other avenues to deal with their franchise quarterback. Past rumors indicate that he may end up on the trade block, or could simply play out his rookie contract plus franchise tag seasons and then move on to the highest bidder.

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