Kelly Ripa Flirts With Jake Gyllenhaal, Calls Him ‘Perfect’

Kelly Ripa is a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, and who can blame her? The versatile actor stole all our hearts as troubled, doomed Donnie Darko and went on to transform his body more than once for a role. His latest transformation — for Southpaw — had Ripa all flustered on Live with Michael and Kelly last week, and the duo shared some flirtation on the talk show before Kelly just admitted he’s perfect.

When Kelly touched Jake’s beard and exclaimed over how soft it is, she wondered aloud if he uses conditioner on it. When he joked that it’s just good genetics, she said, “Oh wow, you are perfect, aren’t you?”

Kelly isn’t the only star to crush on Jake and his ability to take his craft seriously; his co-star Rachel McAdams said recently that she was amazed at how much he was able to change not just physically, but emotionally as well.

“When Jake was first starting to box, and I went and met him at the gym, he had a big bushy beard and a ponytail. Then, when I first showed up on set on day one, he was in the middle of shooting that first fight in the stadium. I was so unprepared and it was just amazing to get closer and closer to that ring and see him emerge and what he had done – not just the physical transformation but even his emotional shift was so palpable. He had become this person on a cellular level. So really extraordinary. Very awe-inspiring,” McAdams said, adding, “He’d get up in the morning and run eight miles and then run twice a day and then rehearse. He was a machine. And I was just filing my nails pretending not to notice. No, it was great.”

Kelly Ripa made headlines last week when she commented on the Ashley Madison scandal on the show, saying she wanted her husband to join the cheating site with her so that they could be “partnered up.” Later, she admitted she didn’t understand at the time that Ashley Madison is a place for people who want to have an affair. The site, which boasts some 37 million users, was hacked last week with the threat of exposure for every member, including the possibility of leaked credit card and personal information.

“I hope we both are on Ashley Madison. I hope so. I hope we get partnered up, that would be amazing. That would be incredible. I’m joining today. I’m joining today. Babe, if you’re watching this, and I know you’re not, but if you are… if somebody is near Mark at the gym, join Ashley Madison. I’m going to do it today. We’re going to join today and we’re going to be partnered up with each other. It’s going to be hot,” Kelly Ripa said.

[Photo courtesy Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube]