Gynecologist Misdiagnosed Condition, Woman Will Not Be Able To Have Kids, Lawsuit Follows

A gynecologist misdiagnosed a woman’s condition, and now she will not be able to have kids. A lawsuit was filed by the patient whose dreams of having a family were crushed because of her doctor’s decision.

The Manhattan, New York, aspiring actress received the gynecologist’s misdiagnosis when she sought treatment in her Midtown office in 2012. According to the New York Daily News the lawsuit says the 41-year-old pregnant woman’s vaginal bleeding was deemed to be the result of “old age, cysts,” and “ovarian cancer” by her gynecologist.

Two months after the woman went to the gynecologist for treatment, she was given a pregnancy test. Sadly, the joy of the news Mihaela Mihut received didn’t last long, as the bleeding she suffered from was due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Neena Agarwala misdiagnosed the condition and instead treated her with radiation, which the lawsuit says makes it “extremely inadvisable” for Mihut — who is now 44 — to get pregnant in the next few years.

Mihut’s lawyer, Thomas Mullaney, says in the suit — filed in Manhattan Supreme Court — her client’s devastation at this news is complete.

“The loss to Ms. Mihut is incalculable, and her pain indescribable. No words can capture the despair to a woman of being stripped of her ability to bear children. And no excuse can correct it.”

Actress Mihaela Mihut misdiagnosed, can't have children

According to the lawsuit, when Mihut — who is from Romania — visited the gynecologist office she was suffering from horrendous symptoms.

“She was suffering severe and uncontrollable vaginal bleeding and experiencing acute pain in her vaginal area. She was also experiencing significant fatigue, no doubt as a result of pronounced blood loss.”

Court papers show that the gynecologist misdiagnosed the symptoms as “old age” and suggested the bleeding was due to vaginal cysts. Agarwala recommended a hysterectomy, but Mihut was apprehensive and refused to have the surgery. However, she did agree to a procedure to remove the cysts, which are not an uncommon condition in women and can produce similar symptoms.

The gynecologist was not insisting on the hysterectomy any longer, and pronounced Mihut cured from her ailment. However, the bleeding didn’t stop.

The lawsuit indicates that on October 17, 2012, Agarwala gave Mihut a different blood test. The gynecologist later called her patient, saying, “Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

A few days later, Mihut’s joy turned into a nightmare, when the gynecologist misdiagnosed her with ovarian cancer and a tumor, the suit adds. At this time, the patient was in the physician’s office undergoing what was dubbed a painful sonogram.

Mihut’s sister — who is a doctor — immediately suspected an ectopic pregnancy — which happens when an embryo is outside the uterus. Dr. Agarwala admitted minutes later that indeed, Mihut had an ectopic pregnancy and not ovarian cancer.

The patient was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and underwent intensive radiation treatments. Her symptoms didn’t go away until she was treated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell in November, 2012, the suit says.

Mihut seeks $50 million in damages for the gynecologist misdiagnosis, which also includes Kips Bay Gynecology — the practice at which Agarwala used to work — and Mount Sinai, where the physician is an associate director. Agarwala has resigned her position at the medical facility and sued her former employee. No comments from either parties have been made.

[Image via the New York Daily News]