WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Being Vocal Backstage About Younger Talent

WWE Superstar John Cena may get a bad rap for “burying” talent, but this is not something he wants to be known for, it seems. He wants to be known as a guy these days who helps younger talent. We’ve seen in recent months that Cena has worked with a lot of new or younger guys, whether it be in a full on rivalry or in one-off matches. This is seemingly by design.

According to Daily Wrestling News, John Cena has been much more vocal lately about giving younger talent an opportunity and more spotlight. This is not surprising, considering the amount of younger talent he has either put over or made to look good. People like Kevin Owens and Cesaro alone have benefited from Cena’s backstage voice.

While some will cite the recent tap out for Owens at the hands of Cena as a contradiction to this, it is not. While John Cena can say something all day long, management will eventually want to see something different. Regardless of what Cena may want to do, he often times has to do the finish he is asked to do. Most WWE Superstars and Divas have to.

While matches as a whole are usually done by the talent on their own, the type of finish and who goes over tends to be controlled by management or creative. This is a common rule. Anyone who disobeys the order is going to be in trouble for it, even Cena. While some will say that Cena is immune in this day and age, he usually follows the rules pretty well.

John Cena has put over some talent, but he is John Cena, after all. WWE cannot have him lose to everyone he faces, regardless of how good they are. He is the top guy even still, and must come off as that. The fact that he is giving them great matches to show off in is more than enough right now. They can then go on to have matches with others after the rub with Cena and see what they have going.

People like Cesaro took the push with John Cena to heart and has been working great matches every week. Kevin Owens has done similar. We will have to see where both men go from here, but most assume WWE will give them a shot to do something big. Only time will tell, however.

[IMG Credit: Fansided]