Amazon Vs. Walmart News Blooper: Anchor Gives ‘Sexy’ Reason For Internet Retailer’s Success

News that is now officially worth more than department store giant Walmart has been picked up by just about every station in the country.

The story’s popularity can be attributed to several things, one of the most obvious being how’s success over Walmart is representative of a struggle between the old and new world of retail. One news anchor at Northern Nevada’s KTVN Channel 2 News provided one very specific example of how he believed Amazon was able to overtake Walmart. That answer/news blooper has now started to trend on the web, with the video racking up nearly one million hits.

In fact, the anchor was so eager to share his reasoning for the triumph of Amazon over Walmart, you can see him interrupt his female co-anchor below to tell viewers that not smart marketing, a sustainable business model, or an endless range of products are responsible for the success — but the fact that Amazon sells sex toys while Walmart does not.

“You know why? Because they sell sex toys, and Walmart can’t or won’t sell sex toys. Amazon does. A friend of mine works in one of the warehouses, and he says they sell a ton of them.”

The anchor’s opinion on the Amazon Vs. Walmart shift clearly made his co-anchor very uncomfortable — she immediately grimaces and stares helplessly into the camera before blurting out, “They’re trying to eat breakfast!”

[Image via YouTube]