Lee Jong Suk Identity Theft: Korean Star Takes Legal Action Against Perpetrator Who Stole Identity For Fraud

Earlier this week, many K-television and movie fans debated among one another over a peculiar Instagram post by Korean actor Lee Jong Suk. At first, many thought the melancholy update was related to gossiping rumors that Jong Suk was dating fellow Pinocchio co-star Park Shin Hye. This would make sense given the fact if it were true, nobody is giving them the privacy to fully enjoy one another's company.

Though the aforementioned scenario is a valid reason for Lee Jong Suk's Instagram update, the real reason is now known. It is reported that a perpetrator actually stole Jong Suk's identity and tried to use it to commit fraud. Jong Suk has made it clear he will seek legal action against whoever committed the crime.

Details of Lee Jong Suk's identity theft were made public by the Korean star's agency, Wellmade Yedang, as reported by AllKpop. Apparently, Jong Suk's personal information was stolen, and his personal seal and stamp, used to authorize documents in Korea, has been faked. The perpetrator is said to be someone well-connected in the entertainment field. With the stolen identity information, he or she drafted an exclusive management contract and started fake bank accounts under Lee Jong Suk's name.

Lee Jong Suk found out about the situation and has since reported the perpetrator to the authorities, which led to an arrest. Wellmade Yedang followed up with an official statement to the Korea Herald, as reported by KdramaStars.

"As Lee Jong Suk's management agency, we have confirmed that the perpetrator used Lee Jong Suk's personal information and forged documents, gathering investors with hundreds of millions of won. As soon as we realized this, we filed a case with the police against the perpetrator for forgery of documents and fraud, and he was arrested on July 22. We plan to follow through with this case to the end without showing leniency."

At this moment, it is unknown what charges the perpetrator will face. A trial date will be set for either later on this year or early next year.

[Image via Soompi]